Shift Dress with Vintage D&D Dress

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This stylish shift dress features the vintage D&D print design contrasted against a solid black patterned fabric for a classy look.


Shift Dress with Vintage D&D Dress in Nairobi

Splendid and Sheer

Bold, flirty, stylish and very sexy – this African style dress for women in Kenya is often what a woman often wonders about, and is often ready to purchase. It’s because this is one of those African design dresses in Nairobi that never seems to lose its charm and fades from its iconic look. The fashion is not new when it comes to red carpet African wear for women in Mombasa and it is not going anywhere either.

Be it any type of event, this choice of African style dress in Kenya is absolutely suitable, and with minimum accessories, it fits perfectly to the need of time. Speaking of red carpet African design dresses in Nairobi, it is imperative to know that it immensely adds to the femininity. Modest and fun, this red carpet African style dress for women in Mombasa has just the right length for anyone in the habit of wearing royally long dresses.

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