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From Africa to the World

State-of-the-art pieces with D&D Clothing DNA.

African Fashion

African inspired fashion add brightness to your lives by adding colors to your wardrobes. The joy of dressing is an art of african clothing. Everything that becomes trendy today, goes out of trend the other day, but the vivid African clothing like dashiki dress, African dress, wax print skirts, African crop top, sarouel are an exception to this. Check African Clothing for Men


Online African Fashion Store

Check more designs for men like African inspired shirts, shirts for me, african suits, suits. We cannot forget to mention our african wedding dresses, african bridal gowns, and bridesmaids dresses. D&D Clothing brings a mosaic of diversities intricately woven into deep and colorful African fashion fabrics and african fashion online, that we produce with our own prints. Check African Clothing for Women.


African Fabric

All the collections are for all size, from small to plus size fashion. Let the whole world know your chic style by making online African fashion store a part of your journey. Combining these weaving techniques in african clothing with eclectic materials, styles, and patterns; we have formulated the first-ever African Fashion Movement. Read about us at VogueElle and InStyle