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We take pride in designing and printing our own African fabric and transforming them into modern African wear with our authentic African touch. These fabrics have specific prints and symbols that signify a lot of things that can redefine the African fashion industry. Come along and have a tryst with these revolutionaries, having a history of their own.


D&D Animals Print African Fabrics

D&D Animals Print (Black)

The geometric patterns in African fashion fabrics have always been about spirituality and people becoming adept as they grow. We at D&D Clothing give a new meaning to this African wear by combining ancient and powerful animals like Giraffes, Elephants, and Tigers. Using metaphors for monarchs and chiefs, we represent our ancient traditions of rebellions and triumphs in our online African fashion store. Check how it looks like on the product.

D&D Crocodiles African Fabrics

D&D Crocodiles 

Crocodiles have a deeper meaning when we use them in our African fashion fabrics as being the markers of new beginning and growth, wisdom, and protectors of knowledge. We were inspired by the Egyptian deity, Sobek, typically represented as a human figure with a green crocodile head. Sobek was a god of the Nile who brought fertility to the land that symbolize prosperity. Thats why crocodiles carry on its back a lot of rich stones. Check how it looks like on the product.

D&D Animals Print (White) African Fabrics

D&D Animals Print (White)

As its African print our fabrics shows the most powerful animals on the African Continent. Elephant symbolism also represents sensitivity, wisdom, stability, loyalty, intelligence, what you can not say about the tigers. As a spirit animal is reminding you that persistence is what is necessary to attain your goals. Giraffes as ‘Africa’s gentle giant’, with its long neck reaching into the heavens, symbolizes the ability to see the future. Wearing this print you it gives you spiritual power. Check how it looks like on the product.

D&D Slave African Print

D&D Slave Print

African wear has a history of slavery and how they came out of the chains that bound them. Being rebellious was the nature of Africa since the time immemorial. Our African print fabric design dresses symbolize the same courage and depth with chains forming a big part of our civilization. We want to express our history through African fashion in the truest terms and how we moved past all the shackles. 

D&D Wolf African Print

D&D Wolf

Wolves in our African print designs dresses are a metaphor for there is always a light waiting at the end of tunnel, we just have to take a step towards it. Wolf has the ability to trust their own instincts. Thus they teach us to do the same, to trust our hearts and minds, and have control over our own lives.We craft such versatile collection of African wear for ladies that speak of freedom, self-love, and self-expression. Check how it looks like on the product.

D&D Money Print African Print

D&D Money Print

Our African wear fabrics with paper notes and coins symbolise how the changes take place for the better. Designing our fabrics for African fashion with these notes, as money print, we want to tell the world that changes are bound to happen yet we can still take pride and appreciate the process of evolving from something to another. Wearing D&D Money Print you will feel power, very big energy, and history of Africa. Check how it looks like on the product.

D&D Patched Print African Print

D&D Patched Print

Patched prints have a lifelong history of being status symbols in African wear that’s sift through hundreds of beautiful layers with rolls of fabrics draped over every limb. These African wear prints show the solidarity, escaping the ordinary lives of your homes to love and support one another. Our prints in African wear signify the importance all the unusual stories of Africa that might have been forgotten and are waiting to be discovered again today, for the world. Check how it looks like on the product.

D&D Coins African Print

D&D Coins

African fashion brand cannot be full without african story behind it.  Our D&D Coins has similar symbolism to circle – your wholeness. This may represent something you value, as well as the beginning of a fascinating journey. The story of African coins starts from northern Ethiopia from the 2nd century, when the kings  issued small gold coins, with a little bronze. Its an antique prints that makes you always remember where you come from. Check how it looks like on the product.

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