Beige Plain Office Suit

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The jacket style can be successfully combined with jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses.

The Women's suit can be used as a any day super look
When mentioning a jacket, there is traditionally an association with an office style, a strict suit, at the same time, today there are many options for jacket styles that are far from classics. Free or complex cut, the use of linen, in addition to suit fabrics, knitwear, allows designers to create practical and comfortable jackets in casual style, and lace, satin and other fabrics from the arsenal of evening dresses turn the jacket into a great option for special occasions.
The suit is a combination of a jacket with a skirt or trousers and is ideal for an office dress code. In one suit, changing blouses or tops, you can look different every day.

Jacket styles
The most popular style of a jacket is a fitted jacket with one or three buttons and lapels up to mid-thigh. There are many variations on the theme of the jacket: with or without cropped sleeves, without buttons, without lapels, asymmetric cut, with various decorative elements. The costume can be composed by yourself by choosing the “bottom” that matches the color and style. Casual jackets go well with jeans. 

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