Linen Suits For Men

Linen Suits For Men

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      55 products


      What a business man cannot do without is a good men's linen suit. It adds solidity, confidence, makes the image strict and formal, casual line suits. The choice of a suit must be approached carefully, because this is a business card of a man. Everything is important here: fabric, fit, color and style. We will tell you how to choose the right linen men's suit and linen suits for men.


      Depending on the situations in which you plan to wear a suit, the model and color of the suit depends. Tuxedos and strict classics are suitable for weddings and significant celebrations, mens linen suit for weddings, beige linen suit. For important negotiations and official events - a classic linen men's suit with a laconic cut. For everyday work, you can choose less formal options and models of different colors. And for a Black tie party, a tuxedo is the only suitable option.



      The modern world of men's fashion offers a wide variety of styles for men's classic suits and custom made linen suit. Traditionally, the following types of suit jackets are distinguished, which determine the classification of the entire set:

      • single-breasted men's suit.
      • double-breasted men's suit.

      In single-breasted models, the buttons on the front shelves of the jackets are located in one row. They are more common, primarily due to their versatility and fit - they suit almost everyone, regardless of body type for casual linen suits with good quality.

      In double-breasted versions, the buttons on the jacket are located in two rows, which makes them especially stylish and brutal. You can see this styles used for wedding linen suits, or linen suit wedding. These suits are ideal for tall and slender men.


      There is another classification of affordable men's linen suits, among which the most common are:

      • Italian;
      • American;
      • English.

      A typical Italian-style suit always looks perfect and hides all the flaws of the figure thanks to the wide shoulder and fitted silhouette. It is characterized by: a single-breasted jacket with three buttons, two vents and trousers slightly tapered to the bottom.

      American suits are straight and spacious, with complete freedom of movement. An important difference is the absence of shoulder pads and the shorter length of the jacket.

      The English style is expressed in the severity of the cut, the impeccability of the material and execution: moderate shoulders, narrowed waist, slightly sloping side pockets with flaps, straight narrow trousers. Such a suit looks advantageous on almost any figure.



      The color palette of classic men's suits is as diverse as the designs. For the warm season, D&D Clothing brand stylists recommend choosing light shades, for the cold season - dark ones. If there are several suits in the men's wardrobe, then you can afford more varied colors and prints like beige linen suit or white linen suit. If you need to buy one universal option, then a plain linen summer suit or mens linen suits for weddings will be a win-win solution.


      Even if the made to measure linen suit fits well and has a trendy design, cheap fabric can seriously ruin the impression, so serious attention should be paid to it. The best fabric for linen suits is 100% organic linen. It is comfortable in any weather and environment due to good thermal conductivity, specially for summer you can choose summer linen suit- it is not hot indoors and not cold outside.

      When choosing a suit, pay attention to the degree of wool twist under the Super sign - the higher it is, the thinner and more premium the suit, like organic linen suit. 

      The online store of men's suits D&D Clothing presents models in various stylistic directions and color schemes, mainly from natural high-quality linen.