Bucket Shaped Bag

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The mini bucket-shaped bag is made of multicolored high quality authentic African fabric.

Decorated with symmetrical treads around the whole bag.

Has two shoulders stripes which can be worn over the shoulders or used for carrying your bag in hands.

Your Everyday Companion
A handbag is more than just a purse because it's a portable world packed in a safety net. Whether you're stopping by for a quick grocery run, or somehow ended up stranded on a road with no signal, long as your bag is by your side, you have everything you need. Something like this African bag, made of high-quality multi-colored authentic African fabric. At D&D Clothing, we offer fashion accessories like this branded handbag online that you can use to effortlessly play up your outfit. Buying handbags online  is a great way to invest in ample storage space with minimum effort. It can be paired up with any outfit and for any occasion. Whether you want to carry important items like a charger and earphones, or just keys and a wallet – this bucket-shaped bag is sturdy with symmetrical treads woven around it.

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