Best Wedding Gown Styles In Nigeria

Best Wedding Gown Styles In Nigeria

Wedding is a once in a lifetime event, though many do it more than once and that does not make it less special. Regardless of its time factor, it should be as memorable as you want. 

When it comes to fashion concerning weddings in Nigeria, there are many things to consider, such as hair, dress, accessories, attachments (nails), shoes, and others.

As a Nigerian bride, even the slightest detail is important. It is important to become the cynosure of attention on that day, and you should make it worth their while.


Best Wedding Gown Styles In Nigeria

Some of the things to consider as a Nigerian bride when getting a wedding dress are:


  1. Budget

Weddings can be money sapping but it is important to stay within your budget.


  1. Wedding Theme

Types of the wedding (church, beach, or vintage), the wedding dress must be representative of the chosen theme.


  1. Body Shape

Body shape is a major considering factor in choosing a wedding style.  It is safe to go for a wedding style that fits your shape.


  1. Comfort

You must lookout for a wedding dress that will make you comfortable and devoid of the dress falling off your shoulder.



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  1. Ball Gowns

It is opined and inferred that this style of gown can not go off style. If you are looking forward to a slow and grand entrance with soft music and dance. Ball gowns are a good go-to. It is priced at 60,000 Naira and above.


  1. Corset

This style could a little be suggestive of a traditional wedding dress as it still comes off as beautiful and sexy. It shows your feminism. It is priced at 120,000 Naira above.


Best Wedding Gown Styles In Nigeria
  1. Turtle Neck Wedding Gown

As the is showing parts of their body is a vogue fashion style for most brides, you can decide to be different and cover-up instead. Turtle necks do not have to be boring, you can add beads, accessories, slits to them. It is priced at 68,000 Naira above. 


  1. Low Back Wedding Dress

If you want to add a little bit of spice and skin, the back is one thing you can show off. It gives the groom a show of what he is going to have forever. It is priced at 70,000 Naira above.


  1. Bandeau Lace Embroidered Bodice

This wedding gown style makes a statement of sophistication. It is a dress that will make people stare and take several looks. It is priced at 110,000 Naira.


  1. Mermaid Style

To become and stay like an hour lady with intriguing shape, mermaid style is a beaut to behold.  It hugs your curve in the right places. It is priced at 87,000 Naira.


  1. Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

This style is the best idea aimed at being modest with your wedding fashion styles. It is simple and if it fits your personality.


  1. V-Neck Wedding Dress

This style is best for brides with large busts. It plunges down and shows a glimpse of the bust. With the attention there, you do not need additional features. It is priced at 83,000 Naira.


  1. Monostrap Wedding Dress

This style is best for brides with large busts as they proudly show off their physique. It is a very unique style and only a few people have the confidence to wear it. It is priced at 180,000 Naira. 




Your wedding is a special day, but it is important to keep it as well defined as your personality and pocket. Go for the best and in the process the best reception outfit.

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