South African Traditional Wedding Styles

South African Traditional Wedding Styles

Over the years, traditional wedding dresses in South Africa have had transformation from the old traditional wedding styles to more trendy and elegant dresses. There is still a retention of its cultural relevance albeit, but the beauty of modern looks has ridden over the ancient styles. Across South Africa, the custom of the traditional wedding is still deeply rooted in the heritage of culture, with celebrations showcasing the intrigue of South African wedding attires.  
The wedding has become very fashionable that brides and grooms wear a traditional wedding attire, usually prepared specifically for the event. A bride at a South African traditional wedding can change her outfit up to three times throughout the course of the day, as a way of impressing her new in-laws.
However, traditional wedding ceremonies in South Africa are not only deeply rooted in the countries respect for family and culture, but it’s also a medium of celebrating tribal identity with lots of food, entertainment and beautiful African wedding attire and decorations.
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Basically, South African traditional wedding dress styles come in a variety of colors and designs, and finding the perfect traditional wedding dress can be quite difficult, but can be filled with loads of amazement if done properly.
A traditional wedding dress is determined by the culture, but the choice of a Shweshwe traditional wedding dress is generally accepted across all cultures.
Shweshwe Traditional Wedding Dress
South Africa is the home of Shweshwe and cottony cloth, Shweshwe is of South Africa agent, but every African loves this handwoven assignment of art due because of its beauty and accurate patterns.
Shweshwe is an avant-grade coulture attire that speaks good sense of fashion when worn. Huge creativity can be poured on this dress because it is a versatile fabric displays class and glamour.
Venda Traditional Wedding Dress
The Venda traditional wedding dress is often characterized by a colorful striped print fabric which comes in red, turquoise, yellow, orange, blue, and green colors. Lately, the Venda traditional wedding dress has now transformed to modern designs styles with trendy designs at every wedding season.
Ndebele Traditional Wedding Dress
This time the Ndebele traditional wedding dresses are more elegant, the drop shoulder trend has also found its way around the Ndebele traditional wedding attire. The colorful Ndebele prints always make the traditional wedding theme easy to blend with neutral or matching colors.
South African Traditional Wedding Styles 2
Xhosa Traditional Wedding Dress
For every traditional wedding that holds, Xhosa traditional wedding dress designers are always on point. Umbhaco wedding dresses are transformed to different styles in different colors. The "His and Hers" trend is commonly popular with the Xhosa traditional wedding attires and there is always new and exciting mens' designs to look out for.


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Zulu Traditional Wedding Dress
The Zulu traditional wedding dress is always a subject of transformation, but the Ischolo remains a significant symbol of the Zulu cultural heritage. However, the modern Zulu traditional wedding dress is inferred incomplete without the traditional Zulu hat and beads to complete the look.
Tsonga Traditional Wedding Dress
Tsonga traditional wedding dress is described as the most colorful South African traditional dresses. The floral detail which comes in a wide array of designs and prints make it easy for traditional South African wedding dress designers to curate new and interesting designs for every wedding events. Tulle is in fashion, and it is easy to blend with the versatile Tsonga prints.
Swazi Traditional Wedding Dress
The Swazi prints can be blended with a mixture of plain matching colors, tulle, satin or cotton to create amazing traditional wedding styles. Swazi brides have embraced modern design trends and there is always new and exciting designs to watch out for in Swazi designs.

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