Trendy Traditional Fashion Style In Chad

Trendy Traditional Fashion Style In Chad

In Chad, Africa most clothing is traditional but also varies depending on religion, occupation, and ethnicity. Women’s clothing options are a lot stricter than men’s because they are Muslim.

Women in Chad are usually dressed from head to toe not because of the law, but because of their religious beliefs. Those who are non-Muslims that live in southern Chad often wear a wrap that around their upper and lower body called Rabott, or Pagne.


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Although, if a woman is married they will wear them as aprons. Another way women cover their bodies in Chad is to wear a 5 meter long scarf that can be wrapped around their body in a variety of ways; this is called a Lafai. Lafai’s are used to either go to the market or a special occasion. 

Trendy Traditional Fashion Style In Chad

Men in Chad dress a lot more traditionally. Depending on their ethnic background they also might wear Western clothing like Jean trousers, shirts, suits, and ties. Chadian Arab’s typically wear turban-like headgear known as a, Tagiya when going out in public. Chadian Arab men also usually wear long robes called Jalabiya’s which cover most of their bodies as well.

The men also wear a pant called Boubou together with the long robes.

Most of the population in Chad is farmers so most of the materials are from cotton and animal fibers. Dress styles in Chad show off their economic status meaning that if they are more wealthy, they will show off their wealth by wearing nicer clothing. Even though that the majority of the population is Muslim, there are no actual laws on how to dress, Chadians dress based on their economic status, and their religion.

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