Egyptian Traditional Wedding Styles

Egyptian Traditional Wedding Styles

An Egyptian traditional wedding is always an event of enviable awesomeness with no exclusivity in gracing the great occasion. Till date, Egyptian traditional weddings follow many of the culminated traditions centuries ago. Celebrating weddings in the country has really been a big deal of memory to linger on. With the age-long traditions making Egypt fascinating, the beauty that comes with the occasion can not be overemphasized.
In an Egyptian wedding, the marriage agreement is made of two sections, the “Mahr” and “Shabka”, the shabka is ultimately important when the groom gives his bride some jewelry. Little wonder that Egyptian traditional weddings are always sparking with the reflection of precious metals, like gold and diamond as pieces of adornment of the body.
Egyptian Traditional Wedding Styles
However, there are basically two (2) styles of traditional wedding dresses in Egypt: very rich, all in gold, and very pure, all in white.
Egyptian traditional wedding dress can be very ornate with gold, even as the fabric has the color of gold. The dress is always very long, with a train. All the jewelry is golden, including the headdress, which is crown-shaped or tiara-shaped. What about the embroidery on the fabric? The echo wonders and elegance of that special day with beautiful designs/decorations made on them. Virtually everything is made on the basis of golden motives. Nevertheless, there is a rationale behind this assorted glam for sophistication at Egyptian traditional weddings. This is because ancient Egyptians considered that wife is a very respectful and wealthy person. Hence, because wedding is a great event for Egyptians, they spend fortune in organizing it to a grand.
Furthermore, the other alternative, traditional wedding dress in Egypt is white, which is considerably long, comfortable, and elegant. Usually, golden jewelry is worn with a white gown, but this is not has heavily adorned as the other style of traditional dressing. This style is often referred to as "wealthy simplicity", because the dress is made of simple white fabric, but the quality and design are of topnotch class. Often than not, these white dresses are decorated with golden embroidery or elements on top and on the hem.
Generally, Egyptian traditional wedding dresses are usually made of natural linen, they are very long. The bride can use a lot of golden jewelry. Primarily, the whole wedding attire must perfectly be an expression of lightness, warmth, and elegance.
Muslim brides are required to cover the whole body, showing only their face and hands. Meanwhile, the young modern Egyptian brides have adopted a creative approach, hinging their look on the same Western ideal. These days the dresses are usually hired, and include all sorts of trendy details, such as a pearly crown, bouquet, false eyelashes and veil. Egyptian brides can be seen wearing a dress with back feature lacing and a modern low-cut, embellished neckline, just as it could be found in America and Europe. Although, the underneath she is wearing a white, stretchy, long-sleeved polo necked jumper, but the popular fashion across Egypt has availed women the trendy opportunity to wear modern fashions with an adaptation of modesty.


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Egyptian Traditional Wedding Styles 1
To the groom, Egyptian men these days tend to indulge in interesting creativity of African fashion by using jacquard fabric material to make a blazer with pants.
A jacquard is a specially woven fabric created using a Jacquard loom and various materials, such as cotton, polyester, silk and acrylic, which are woven to create them. Some of these fabrics could feature a raised pattern, such as a Matelassé or a brocade. A jacquard is basically a fabric with an intricately variegated or raised pattern that is distinct from other patterned materials. This is  because the pattern is woven into it rather than printed onto it. Also, the motif or image on a jacquard often appears in a different color or texture than the rest of the material, but it can be the same color.
In the fashion sense of complementing this style, Egyptian men can be seen adorning their blazers with lapels made of gold.
Egyptian traditional weddings are always colorful from the henna for the woman to the main event of golden serenity.


  • MaryAnn

    What the above responder wrote is true. I have read over 100 books on Ancient Egypt and even went there. They are middle eastern. Far down south were they Nubians who were black and have adopted some of the Egyptians culture since they traded.

  • Marina

    This information is ALL WRONG.. I am egyptian and these pictures area not even Egyptian.. those couples are from ASIA and the second one is from south Africa… ALSO Egyptians are not black, so that second picture.. that lady is not Egyptian .. and we wear regular white dresses with a regular veil in our wedding day.. some brides like to go all out with Gold. Grooms just wear a regular black suit like any other groom. You only got that part right. What you write IS WRONG INFORMATION.

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