Traditional Wedding Styles In Seychelles

Traditional Wedding Styles In Seychelles

Apparently, one of the most beautiful archipelagos to have a beautiful and dream wedding is the  idyllic Seychelles islands, which looks like Heaven on Earth. With talcum-powder white sand beaches, crystalline clear turquoise waters, lush flora and gently swaying palms, all teamed with a warm tropical climate, traditional weddings in Seychelles certainly can’t be anything less than a lingering memory to behold.
Seychelles have been populated by people of various origins; notable of them are the Indians, Chinese, and Europeans. This historical fact has in turn characterized Seychellois culture by the diversity of the people who have settled there over the years.
Although this has raised so much curiosity, but there has always been an obvious unity when it comes to the way of life of its inhabitants.
Traditional Wedding Styles In Seychelles 1
The traditional Seychellois wedding is one of the most prestigious celebrations of the culture of the island country. The cultural heritage of Seychelles is a diverse blend of different customs and traditions stemming from numerous ethnicities, races, and religions. The culture has ultimately become vital and colorful mixture of distinctive migrants coming from all parts of the world.
Generally, traditional wedding dress of Seychelles is a peculiar amalgam of divergent people which is often showcased at the ceremony or other folklore events. The Seychelles fashion style has always been initiated from European costume. Nevertheless, other factors have also influenced the way the Seychellois dress, for example adaptations to the tropical climate and economic factors.
Apart from the traditional dress of Seychelles which is a peculiar amalgam of divergent people, there is no representative clothing for Seychelles as we have in West African and East African countries. Basically, the general dress codes are relaxed, and formal clothing.
Meanwhile, a wedding in Seychelles always makes its own adjustments to the appearance of the bride and groom. The long fluffy dresses of the bride are often replaced by airy ones, while the groom's business suit can be replaced by light pants or even shorts. It is believed that there is much needed comfort and ease when in that casual attire to look super lively and natural.
Traditional Wedding Styles In Seychelles
In Seychelles traditional wedding, the bride’s traditional accessory, a bouquet can be looked at in a different way. It is vibrant bright tropical flowers instead of classical ones with an intense scent. In some cases, bouquets are made up of the treasures of the sea bottom- shells, stars, corals.


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In furtherance, kazakh dress can be also worn by the couple at traditional weddings in Seychelles. This is commonly decorated with elaborate ornaments made from bird beaks, animal horns, hooves and feet. Traditional materials used in making this kazakh dress include cloth, skin, and fur. Also, embroidery, fur, jewelry, and ornamentation may also be used for decoration. Although Imported materials like silk, brocade, and velvet can also be used for dress, but they are considerably expensive than traditional materials. In other light, they can also don in penwar skirt. This is a long outer garment for women which is frequently sheer and made of chiffon or another translucent fabric.

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