African Wear for Ladies

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      356 products

      African Wear for Ladies

      We know how it feels to be able to openly express inner confidence. It is a difficult task to gather courage and take on the world. But if your closet includes African print dresses, African wear for women, they could be something that conveys who you are, when you come face to face with the people. D&D Clothing has defined its own range of bold and courageous African wear for ladies for the women who believe in speaking right through their hearts.



      For the Bold and the Courageous

      An exquisite range of African dresses for women can be your way of telling the world that you are in it to win it. From badass suits to striking African print dresses for stellar evening looks, from eloquent tops to indignant trousers – the elegance and boldness has almost perfect concoction with our fabrics. Check out african evening maxi dresses.

      A Night to Remember

      Donning an evening dress or a wedding dress might look like you have to get everything perfect, isn’t it? Here’s a collection of African print dresses, with the simplest designs that can make you look so effortlessly ravishing! Because we believe in bringing attention to smaller details while crafting stellar African wear for ladies, coupled with an intelligent presentation. Shop African wear for ladies Today!

      All Suited up

      Office suits and dresses loaded with African wear for ladies are some of the most professional fashion apparel that you can get your hands on! Meetings, conferences, business parties – everything can be conquered with the right set of African print dresses urging everyone to pass the vibe check! Shop Office wear Now!

      Mornings with Intense Workouts

      Stay energized right from the word go, make your mornings fresh with some heavy workout sessions with our African wear for ladies’ fitness. D&D Clothing presents a classic range of African wear styles for ladies 2021 specially designed to aid those sweats and flexibility levels. Shop Fitness Wear Today!

      Make a Fashion Statement

      Exciting colors and patterns with the touch of the oldest traditional African Ankara styles for women blended in to craft the coolest jackets and jumpsuits. Pair these jackets up with your skirts and tops to make your own fashion statement, or go unique with colorful African print dresses and jumpsuits. Get Jackets and Jumpsuits!

      Rule the Streets

      We bring an enticing range of African dresses for women and african workout wear with our collection of hip skirts and tops that make you rule those streets when you walk on the roads. Accessorize your look with scarves and handbags from our finest lot of African clothing for women, as you prepare yourselves for yet another chill session! Shop Skirts and Tops!

      When Class Meets Casuals

      Not a big fan of tops and skirts? Pair your tops up with our African attire dresses for ladies and african jackets for women specially designed for completing your look with trousers. Whether you want a freestyle, a business classic, or sexy net trousers to go with your occasion, you will find anything to everything that you need at our online fashion store equipped with the latest African styles for ladies. Shop Sets and Trousers!

      Get Diving and Dripping

      Beat the summer blues by diving into the pool, or have a blast at a pool party with your closest friends and colleagues with our exciting range of African party dresses for ladies’ swimsuits and bodysuits. Enjoy your vacations without having a care in the world with the most comfortable, stylish, and trendy African styles for women. Shop Bodysuits and Swimsuits!

      Kimonos with an African Touch

      When two traditions combine, they could produce something historic and one of a kind. D&D Clothing brings such a concoction of Kimonos with a touch of traditional African Ankara styles for women to give that edgy look. Shop African Kimonos!