Trendy Ankara Short Gown Styles

Trendy Ankara Short Gown Styles

Fashion is not about finding a comfortable go-to style and sticking to it, it is more about getting creative. Africans are popular for this fashion creativity when it comes to exploring ideas. Fashion is a process as it keeps evolving and revolving and Africans are always found joining the bandwagon with their fabrics. Lately, Ankara short gowns are finding their way to the hearts of African women with different styles to look into. These short gowns have a way of standing out and we found out that ladies like to pair them with sandals or sneakers for a smart sassy look. 

  Ankara Short gown

Flare Ankara Gown

A flared dress is not only comfortable, it becomes super convenient to rock. The belt adds to the beauty of this Ankara dress and you can confidently have fun at any party or a casual day out.


Kimono Wrap Gown

A kimono wrap dress is never a boring choice of Ankara-style, it tends to stand out at any event. It gets even fancier with sandals or sneakers.


Ankara Short Gown With Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves are the most common sleeve types and this is due to how comfortable they are. When it’s paired with comfortable footwear, they are considered classy and convenient.


Raglan Sleeve Ankara Short Gown

A straight Ankara gown with a raglan sleeve can never go wrong with sandals or sneakers. This look is gorgeous and should be found in every ladies’ Ankara fashion archive.


Off-Shoulder Ankara Style

Off-shoulder cap sleeves look great with any design and the exciting factor is you can add it to any style or have other sleeve types added to it.


Ankara Split Gown

A split Ankara short gown is another Ankara style we can’t get enough of. Seems this is a style that will continue to be in trend and rocking it with either sneakers or sandals makes it even more fun.


Ankara Gown With Patched Pockets

The mini Ankara gown with a patched pocket is one of the most versatile Ankara styles out there. You can go with a blouse version of it to pair with denim.


Round Neck Ankara With Rope Belt

The interesting thing about Ankara is that you can personalize your style. This simple Ankara gown style can be worn with or without a belt and all you need is a pair of comfortable sandals or sneakers to compliment it.


Ankara Shift Short Gown

Ankara shift gown style has recently been introduced and we must say it’s fascinating. The style is classy enough to be rocked by any shape. This style looks beautiful when paired with either sandals or sneakers and it’s the perfect combo when you are trying to recreate an effortless party look.


Layered Ankara Short Gown

You do not have to stick to plain white or sneakers. Add some fun to your Ankara short gowns by going for cool canvas sneakers.




Looking beautiful is an important business for every African woman, especially young women, and with these cute Ankara short gowns, you can not go out of fashion. However, it is important to put into consideration your body shape and height before going for any of the styles.

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