Shirts With African Touch

Shirts With African Touch

Shirt is every man’s staple fashion that in actual sense defines lifestyle and personality. Shirts, from casual styles to formal types, they are basically representative of masculinity. Although shirts can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved, but the beauty of this cloth is imbued on the patterns or designs made on it. Fashion no doubt is a ever-moving train that revolves round time, hence, there tends to always be a shift towards class and trend.
Shirts With African Touch1
In Africa, prints like Ankara, Kente, and Kitenge form the fabric of African culture in terms of dressing style. However, with complete reservation for this fabric as typical traditional outfits, the discourse is already changing as they are now being incorporated into Western dressing styles, most especially to look shirts, to look Western in African culture. What a fascinating sight of fashion to behold!
Across the world, this has become the lucrative business of the day by different fashion brands blending the African prints with their regular body of fashion shirts, blazers, trousers, and bow tie. Interestingly, D&D Clothing is the first company to curate a great niche of producing its own fabric outside of regular African prints to blend with shirts and other pieces of clothing.
Shirts With Ankara Fabric
Apparently, Ankara shirts for men speaks class and superb feelings. The Ankara fabric is a unique blend of colorful outfit traditionally worn African men and also Westerners. This can be worn to special occasions, like weddings and social functions. The Ankara fabric has been with Africans for a long time albeit, but it has never lost its relevance in African settings.


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Shirts With African Touch4
Gone are the days when Ankara is exclusively being sewn in native designs, there has recently been a meteoric upgrade of the material to be blended as a fabric part of shirts or even composed of the shirt in entirety. Today, Ankara shirts can be worn with different casual trousers. Interestingly, there are Ankara suits available in today’s market. Credit to notable international fashion brands like D&D Clothing and also popular fashion runways across Africa, the Ankara shirt styles are now on the pages of everyday lifestyle.
Normally, the Ankara shirts are in shades of colors and patterns. It is however relative with the taste of fashion. The beauty of the fabric reeks of great fashion class. The Ankara shirts can be of long-sleeved and short-sleeved styles.
However, some of these fabrics can easily blend well with white or black shirts. Ankara prints” or rather, “African wax prints”, is a 100 percent cotton cloth material with numerous patterns. 
Shirts With African Touch3
The colorful fabric is basically associated with Africa due to its tribal-like designs and patterns. 
Nowadays, fabric suppliers and fashion brands like D&D Clothing have incorporated Ankara styles into fabrics such as spandex, and chiffon.
The Ankara print is considerably cheap and easily affordable by all social classes in society. Being a versatile fabric, Ankara material has been able to lent itself to different styles. Ankara shirt is always stylish on men, as it is simple and sophisticated, hence every man deserves to have lovely styles of this African print in his wardrobe.
Men don’t wear colorful clothes because the norm dictates that bright is feminine while monotone is masculine, but this narrative is already changing with newer trends of Ankara fabrics being artistically introduced.
Shirts With Kente Fabric
Kente print men shirt collection is a carefully crafted and handmade fabric with premium quality cotton popularly worn in Africa. African print fabric continues to be an African fashion staple, and such is now a global inspiration. Ideal for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and other outings, the blend of Kente fabric on shirts does a magic of awesomeness.
This print is mostly of custom-made outfit with great embroidery craftsmanship. For instance, the white Kente embroidered long sleeve button down shirt is being carefully sewn to make all details in the shirt visible. Primarily, a blend of plain and Kente fabric always give that coveted internationally African appeal.
Shirts With Kitenge Fabric
Kitenge is a Swahili word meaning African wax print fabric. Also known as Chitenge in countries like Zambia and Malawi, this is a colorful and vibrant fabric that is exclusively for African countries wear. This style doesn’t lose grasp of fashion statement when worn to social gatherings. Kitenge print is subtle yet attractive as a piece of fabric.
However, strips can be sewn on the collar, button line, chest, pocket, cuffs, or all of the above.
Everything about donning in Kitenge fabric largely screams masculinity and appreciation of African heritage. In sequel, there are many ways for men to style the Kitenge print without looking too traditional or old-fashioned.

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