Plus Size Kitenge Dresses

Plus Size Kitenge Dresses

Originating from East Africa and originally known as Chitenge, Kitenge fabric is often used by African women for different purposes or occasions. Recently, in the era of designs versatility being an integral part of the fashion world, this fabric and its bold clean prints have become widely popular everywhere. These prints show a unique and ebullient aspect of a woman without compromising on feminism. For plus size women, Kitenge can be a great choice for everyday dress with best of styles to recreate for better looks. These outfits are bold and brings much comfy when worn for events that have a sneak peek into cultural sensations. Beautiful Kitenge Styles For Plus Size Women
Plus size kitenge dresses
1. Plus Size Kitenge Style For Work One of the most germane necessities of any woman is to have functional pieces in her wardrobe that can be worn to both office and workplace and/or for any casual lunch or dinner date, as the case may be. The fascinating thing about this kitenge dress is that it can easily be worn the office by wearing a matching blazer and pant combo and choosing one of the colors of the vibrant print to be worn as the inner shirt. However, if your workplace is slightly conservative in terms of dress code, you can go with simple options like black, beige or brown.
2. Plus Size Kitenge Style For Weddings Basically, wedding outfits need to be perfect with just the right click between something that is sophisticated yet fun. A fashion statement might be made by wearing a beautiful metallic top in dull gold, silver or beige color with a poofy skirt in maroon or burgundy. The button detailing on the front do add a fun element to the dress, and you can wear a similar print turban on the head to give an authentic appeal to the whole outfit. 3. Kitenge Slit Skirt Looking simple yet sexy can be just be an intriguing sight to behold of a woman. Wear a slit midi skirt with a faded chambray shirt or a simple white tee for a casual sightseeing outfit. Golden or black choker will definitely look divine with this outfit and go for fancy pumps and ditch your heels for once.
4. Bodycon Dress Being a body confident women is evidently not shying away from a bodycon dress. Bodycon dresses with the right fitting can totally enhance looks by showing all the right physique of woman’s beauty. Do take note that the print of the bodycon dress should always be vertical to give that elongated well-desired look. A high-collared dress is also very flattering for plus size women. Wear heels with a bodycon dress for a glam look.
Plus Size Kitenge Dresses1
5. Maternity Dresses Historically, it is believed that pregnancy gives women a warm natural glow. Wear a short and loose fitted short dress which can be the perfect outfit for your own baby shower or any other party taking place while being pregnant. Nowadays, there are awesome kitenge maternity outfits for a mother-to-be to don in and look fabulous.
6. Birthday Party Style Celebrating a birthday party is as important as standing out among the crowd in a beautiful kitenge outfit. Choosing a white top with embroidered or crocheted sleeves with a flair and tying it above the waist for a strong crop top look can just make you the woman of the hour. Wearing an A-line frilled maxi skirt with a top with a ribbon detail is also another great sense of dressing to have.


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7. Jumpsuits Jumpsuits is not exclusively the best option for impromptu outings, but it brings the stunning appearance of a young semblance on women. An off-shoulder jumpsuit in darker shades is perfect for summer afternoon outings and shopping plans. Jumpsuits can also be worn for night events by wearing a metallic necklace and big earrings to create a polished look. 8. Peplum Top With Subtle Skirt To create a statement piece out of your kitenge peplum top, it can just be great to wear it with a nude or subtle colored skirt. The contrast between a printed top and a plain skirt gives a very elegant look and this outfit can be worn for formal gatherings or parties. Interestingly, the outfit can also be worn to the office. Try to add a belt slightly above your waist to give that gait of an adorable figure.

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