LVMH Partners With Weturn To Recycle Textiles

LVMH Partners With Weturn To Recycle Textiles

LVMH has fostered partnership between its different fashion Maisons and weturn, a company working with an innovative recycling chain dedicated to unsold textiles from major fashion houses. 

LVMH Partners With Weturn To Recycle Textiles

Established in 2020, weturn is the first recycling chain working towards unsold textiles, rolls of fabric and offcuts from major fashion houses, which are exclusively protected by intellectual property. The company transforms these fabrics into new quality yarns and fabrics that are 100 percent traceable and European-made.

 Till date, LVMH has not named which of its designer brands is recycling textiles. The issue with upcycling recognizable fabrics is the propensity for them to get back to the marketplace, especially when used by a different brand.

LVMH Partners With Weturn To Recycle Textiles


 In such instances, companies like Valentino have seen a branded V-print fabric, uniquely developed for the house, used by designers who found the leftover fabric in a re-sale shop on the outskirts of Paris. However, it is important for LVMH to be keen for its repurposed textiles to not be get recognized in the marketplace.


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Weturn support select LVMH houses in recycling their textiles with the help of reusing the recycled materials in future products. 

Broadly, weturn offers the will of transparency through a traceability chain, from collection to reuse. Also, LVMH revealed that by 2026, all new products will be equipped with a dedicated information and traceability system. 

“We are delighted that the LVMH group is partnering with weturn, which offers innovative solutions in the field of textile recycling. Today, this partnership allows us to take a new step towards achieving our ambition in the field of creative circularity, which is one of the four strategic priorities of LIFE 360, our environmental policy for the next 10 years. As our designers continue to integrate more and more upcycling into their collections, as the Nona Source platform enables them to obtain high-quality unused fabrics and leathers, and as CEDRE intervenes in the end-of-life of products, weturn offers our Maisons the opportunity to recycle their unsold finished products, branded fabrics and textile packaging in the form of spools of thread. This creates a complete ecosystem around creative circularity, which is a source of inspiration for our designers. The circle is complete!”, says Hélène Valade, Environment Development Group Director, LVMH.

In her statement, Sophie Pignères, Founder of weturn said: “After a year dedicated to creating a new recycling chain, we are proud to join the circular economy market by working to recycle unsold and protected products alongside prestigious Maisons such as those of the LVMH group, which contribute to the international reputation of France. Our ambition is to contribute to the revival of the European textile industry by demonstrating that a product’s value lies in its raw materials.


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