Lovely African Print Styles For Couples

Lovely African Print Styles For Couples

African print styles for couples is what’s trending. If you are a fashion guru that is always on fleek when it comes to stepping out looking glamorous, then you have a piece of African wear in your closet. Probably one for you and your partner as well. Nice African print styles express the patriotism in you, are bold, and bring out that beauty in you. The best thing about African print designs for couples is that there is something for everyone.

 Lovely African Print Styles For Couples

Whether it is a church event, an office dinner or cocktail, an evening party, a smart-casual on a working Friday, trust African print styles and you will never go wrong. There is something attractive about a person that went out of their way to get a customized tailor-made attire and rocks it with confidence. There is a halo of self-belief around such a person. African traditional outfits for couples take style to a whole new level. Spice your love by having matching African outfits for families that celebrate your union and include your children in it. If you think African wear is an old and tired fashion, check out these trending African print styles for all events imaginable and do a closet makeover because this; is the direction fashion is taking.




  1. Trouser Suit African Print For Couples

This fashionably designed suit has very little details, talk of simplicity being the utmost sophistication. If you and your loved one prefer trousers over other attires, you can still step out elegantly in a couple’s African wear that fits your preference. The suit is tailored to slim fit into the body type, with the shirts reaching below the waist. The lady’s trouser is ankle-length and the top which has side slits fits tightly at the waist. Both shirts are short-sleeved with a pattern embroidered at their mid-section. Matched with classy shoes, this latest Ankara style for couples can be worn to various occasions, from smart casual office days to weekends out.


  1. Bright Colored African Print Designs

If you are a lover of color, this is the style for you; a mixture of tons of colors. The can be a knee-height dress for the lady. Besides the bold colors in use, the only other detail in this dress is the V-shaped neck and feels comfortable. Of African print styles for men, it is suggestive this would be a print shirt that matches perfectly. This is a versatile design as it can be worn to both official and ceremonial events. Remember to match it with shoes that are just as classy as the outfit itself.


  1. White African Dress

There is something glorious about the color white, besides its glitter. This couple in African print is the definition of class and style. The attires are well-fitting, with the lady’s dress being sprinkled with nice patterns, which are just enough to break any monotony of the white color. Man’s fashion style goes well with white and it is breath-taking.


  1. Short African Print Peplum Dress And Pants

The magic of the peplum design lives on, long after it was invented. To give the lady an easy time walking as the dress is tight, there is a small slit in place. The man complements this gorgeous look with pants and a high-necked top that is designed to the right fit around the chest. The best thing about this design is that it can be worn to various functions, ranging from official to informal events.


  1. Modern Kitenge African Couple Design

With the African kitenge fabric, you go as far as your imaginations allow. Couples can decide to explore their adventurous spirit, each with their design but twinning all the same and it came out fashionably.

The design is made to cover most parts of the chest, unlike most strapless styles that are quite revealing. There is no better way to rock a kitenge outfit than this comfortable, modern design for couples.

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