Latest African Print Styles For Ladies

Latest African Print Styles For Ladies

Women are known to be fashion cautious and African women love their African print. We have compiled a list of the latest African print styles that every woman should have in their wardrobe.

1. Peplum Dresses

Currently, there is an obsession with peplum. Since before, Ankara has been widely used in many parts of Ghana. The peplum has solved many problems for women, especially mothers. The peplum is a flared part at the waist area and it is part of a dress or even a top. There are several benefits of peplum. The first is that it makes the waist appear smaller and hence brings out the figure of a lady.

The design also helps to hide any excess belly fat that is common in most women. Beautiful designs have been formed from the dresses. The long dresses have a peplum design along the waist area and also from the knees onward.

Latest African Print Styles For Ladies

2. Flared Dresses

These kinds of dresses are trending vigorously. A dress is made such that it has prints from the waist area and it is flared up to the knee length. The advantages of these dresses are that they suit all body types and they can be paired with any type of shoe may it be open or closed or even ankle boots. These dresses can be worn to all occasions including weddings, night outs, and official meetings. For the official meetings, just make sure that the African print dress is made of dull colors.

3. High Low Dresses

Just as they are named, they are indeed high on the front part and a bit low on the back area. These dresses are made with print. The reason why most ladies love them is that they bring out a sense of fashion and also class. These kinds of African print dress styles can be paired with any type e of shoes whether open or closed. The benefits of these kinds of dresses are they can be worn by anyone regardless of their body shape. Get your high-low dress today and you will not be disappointed.

4. Long Sleeved Dresses

Did you know that you can make yourself a long-sleeved dress whether long or short and look amazing? Yes, you can. Go to your tailor or designer and have your African print done including long sleeves. Long-sleeved dresses are very stylish especially for the ladies who do not want to expose their hands. The sleeves can also be short and a pattern can be made at the cuff area to make your outfit more elegant. This is a very nice African print straight dress style.

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