Kitenge Formal Dresses For The Office

Kitenge Formal Dresses For The Office

Kitenge dress pieces for official occasions are so beautiful. All you need is a good designer and a classy design on the mind. There are so many local as well as established designers not only in Kenya but also globally who can create a beautiful piece at an affordable price.

Kintegi Formal Dresses

1. Kitenge Body-Con Dress

If are in love with a curvy classy look, then try out the kitenge bodycon and you will not have any regrets. The bodycon will flatter your hourglass figure and highlight it as well. If you have a beautifully curved body, then these designs will suit you perfectly.

2. Kitenge Trouser Suit For The Office

Suits can be monotonous for official occasions, but the Kitenge designs will make you stand out. This is because the fabric can create any unique design that you are thinking of. You can even combine the fabric with velvet, polished cotton fabrics, chiffon; just to name a few. Kitenge is a rich fabric that has a good texture and the best part of it is that it has unique colors that will make your outfit more classy.

3. Kitenge Cold Shoulder Dress For The Office

When you alter your sleeves design, you become more feminine, trendy, attractive, and classy. The good bit about the cold shoulder dress is that they do not leave your shoulders completely open meaning that you will be comfortable to attend an official meeting with the dress. The best part of it is that they do not expose your bra straps and you do not have to wear a colorless or strapless bra. Complete the admirable looks with beautiful jewelry and comfortable flat, high-heeled, or low-heeled classy shoes.

4. Mix Print Dress For The Office

The results of playing around with the beautiful exotic colors of the African prints will forever be stunning and outstanding. Create a piece that will flatter your body and make you stand out among your workmates at the office. Note that your image creates the first impression to someone meaning that you should always stay fashionable.

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