Kenyan Wedding Attire For Men

Kenyan Wedding Attire For Men

What you wear to a Kenyan wedding as a man is totally dependent on how big of an impression you want to make.

One important thing to notice about weddings in Kenya is that men often bring their A-game in terms of what they wear and how well dressed they are. So whether you are single or going to the wedding with your significant other, it’s important to bring your style A-game as well.

Dressing to a Kenyan wedding as a man is featured to its utmost simplicity and elegance. Men can be seen donning in a colorful Kitenge shirt on a black pant. The designs of this dress are well embroidered with beautiful patterns to bring out its beauty.

 The Kitenge fabric can either form the whole fabric material of the shirt or be the woven part as seen in the featured image. This is representative of the true nature of man when it comes to dressing. A short-sleeved shirt on a pant, especially black pant, makes the men look classic with an adoring sense of fashion.

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