Kente Church Dress For Men

Kente Church Dress For Men

African men are reputed to be style savvy when it comes to donning in African clothings to social gatherings or even church. However, with the trendy style of fashion with Kente dress, there is no doubt that African men will always make fashion statements.
Kente Church Dress For Men1
It is a fact that style unites us. Irrespective of the culture, tradition, or custom, style breaks through every boundary and cut across cultures to unite us as African. Indeed, the journey to incorporating different African styles to mode of dressing is long thus far, but going out to events and church service do avail is the opportunity of embracing each other’s culture and nationality as a Black continent. That is unarguably the pride we have in our African wears. From the Isi Agu cloth of the Igbo people to the Adire of the Yoruba land, and to the Kente of the Ghana Land, down to the Maasai print of the kenya land, our style binds us as one entity of African culture.
Furthermore, Kente styles have stealthily found its way into the fashion scene and continue to inch closer and closer to becoming a style icon in Africa by Africans.
In an occasion or gathering like church, Kente wears for men have had a sporadic paradigm shift from their old traditional styles which was mainly traditionally made shirts to the more recent styles of trousers and matching shirts made from the Ankara materials which has apparently taken over in the men’s fashion world. 
Amongst all the other traditional Ghanaian cloths, the kente fabric remains the most popular fabric, because it can be used to create stylish traditional Ghanaian attires. Popularly worn by both men and women, the fabric is an interesting one as it is characterized by different patterns which is created in the process of weaving fibre palms and more interestingly, with each color having a distinct meaning attached to it.
Kente Cloth Draped Across The Shoulder
This style comes alive when large piece of Kente is draped across one shoulder, while the other is used to wrap around the waist. This is a typical and traditional Ghanaian style for men. The attire can be worn to the church when draped over a shirt. Also, the Kente cloth has been recreated to better suit the younger and well, more stylish generation. Today, Kente can be used to create outfits, such as more stylish shirts, blazers and really nice trousers.


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Round Neck Short-Sleeved Shirt
This type of Kente clothing is a relatively simple, round necked short sleeved shirts, always complimented with nice trousers. With a relative choice for sleeve types, the round neck can better go with short sleeves. A well cut and tailored shirt made from the Kente cloth is really nice to wear. This type of style can be worn to the church.
Kente Church Dress For Men3
The V-Neck Kente Shirt
Obviously, this style can be pulled by any man. This is owed to the fact that it is simple, stylish and comes in both long sleeves and short sleeves. The neck line of the shirt is often decorated with well-crafted needle work to make it more stylish. It is just a perfect style to rock to church gatherings, as it exudes simplicity, yet class.
The Simple Collar Long-Sleeved Kente Shirt
In a bid to get the best of this design, the shirt should be made fitted to suit the body frame of the wearer. The shirt always have buttons fitted in front, all the way down to the length of the shirt which usually stops just slightly above the knees. A pair of nicely cut trouser would better complement this awesome look to church.

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