GenovaJeans To Launch New Trade Show In September

GenovaJeans To Launch New Trade Show In September

A new international jeans trade show will be launched in Genoa, Italy by Candiani, Diesel, and Eco-Age in September to showcase the future of denim with a key focus on sustainability. 
GenovaJeans To Launch New Trade Show In September1
GenovaJeans is scheduled to hold from September 2-6 in Genoa and will bring to life the “evolution, and innovation of jeans” in an experiential showcase with a series of broad experiences. One of the highlights of the fair will include the Artejeans exhibition, featuring 36 jeans canvas works donated to the city by globally renowned Italian contemporary artists to establish an International Jeans Museum.
Italian jeans brand Diesel will also showcase pieces from its private archive, along with the city’s historical Via Pre’, which will be renamed for the occasion as La Via del Jeans and will feature interactive and performance lead installations. 
Denim Jean producer Candiani will create an engaging experience highlighting the damage caused by unsustainable production and put forward solutions to protect the environment and the future of the industry, including its latest Coreva technology, the world’s first compostable stretch denim.
Alberto Candiani, global manager of Candiani, said in a statement: “We are honored and eager to contribute to the rediscovery of the Italian roots of our beloved jeans. And yet denim is known to be one of the greatest polluters of the fashion industry.
“Therefore, we are proud to introduce, right here where jeans were born, sustainable innovations that allow us to clean up the industry and to keep wearing the iconic blue jeans without hurting the environment. Jeans have invaded the world starting from Genoa’s port and today, once again, we want to export the new generation of jeans to all those who care about them and your the planet.”
 Genoa mayor Marco Bucci added: “Here is an extraordinary way to recover one’s origins by enhancing the history, identity, culture of Genoa, combining these characteristics with the regeneration of a part of our historic center.
GenovaJeans To Launch New Trade Show In September
The GenovaJeans project is all this and more: an international idea that is attracting the attention of the industry and that, we are sure, in September will unleash the inspiration of the Genoese and catapult onlookers and tourists to the city center the possibility of creating the via del Jeans in our alleys is part of a vast redevelopment project of the largest old city in Europe that the municipal administration is carrying out: creating the “jeans style” streets in the heart of the historic center will be a real revolution, one of the jewels that Genoa can boast at an international level.”


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The event concept and delivery of GenovaJeans will be led by Eco-Age, sustainability consultancy and owner of The Green Carpet Fashion Awards brandmark, which is working with production company Pulse, who will debut a movie called ‘Jeans-The Genoa-R-Evolution’ with performer Jack Savoretti.

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