Arabic Wedding Dress

Arabic Wedding Dress

Arabic weddings are in some cases unique from one region to another, even within the same country.

Given the diversity of Arab people most are Muslim and some Christian and other faiths. 

Arabic Wedding Dress

Arabic brides are popularly known to wear thobe that is considered extravagant and exquisitely embroidered, while the groom wears the usual traditional Arab men's thobe and hata (head covering).

However, luxury and modest Arabic wedding dresses are made of high-quality lace, tulle, and satin, but the affordable Arabic wedding dresses are made with beading, embroidery, and applique.


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Arabic wedding dresses are world-famous for their luxury and fineness in detail. Significantly, a bride-to-be wearing a traditional Arabic wedding dress always appears refined, graceful and delicate in taste.

Arabic Wedding Dress

Above all, D&D Clothing spares no effort in fulfilling ladies' wedding dreams. Different from other gown designs, the Arabic style appears to be more complex in patterns and motifs. The intricacy of these Arabic dresses exudes its unique charm of mystery and majesty. 

There are more than 50 colors of Arabic wedding dresses with different size models that fit different body types.

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    these growns are gorgous i would need a size 20

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