African Print Tops With Jeans

African Print Tops With Jeans

Having African print tops with jeans will make you look more stylish. Jeans give a more modern wear look and it makes the African top more outstanding. African wear flatters each type of body size, fat, thin, skinny, or tall, and African dresses are among them because of their perfect style, decency, and also uniqueness. These African attires come in different colors deep red, turquoise, watermelon, wine, and also orange. The patterns of these outfits are just so unique and attractive; you can wear them day and night.


1. Open-Back African Print Top

It’s an open-back top which can be worn during a wedding or evening party. It looks so unique and oozes especially in a pair of jeans.

2. Casual African Print Top

This kind of top can be worn during the day, or while running some errands, or during the weekend when just resting and relaxing. It’s a top with buttons on top and it fits well in tight jeans.

3. Leather Use African Print Top

It’s a top with a leather part which could be a collar or belt and it suits any social event in a pair of jeans, you can also accessorize since it gives you a chance to do so.

4. Peplum Top

This kind of top does well in jeans and great shoes for a complete standout casual look. It is open to any occasion Friday in the office, church, or even weekends hangouts with friends.

5. Strapless Top

This goes well with a flattering pair of heels just to add on some sexy look. You can wear this for a dinner party with friends. Do this in a pair of tight jeans.

6. Crop Top

This look is more of the trendy attire since it suits any function may it be a friend’s birthday or even girls out the day. It’s perfect in skinny jeans.

7. Dashiki Print Top

This is more of a formal look but still edged to fashion appeal, it does well in a pair of jeans and some high heels and brings out the best look in a clutch bag.

8. African Ruffle Top

This can be either off-shoulder or strapless that bringing out the most outstanding look ever.

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