African Print Lace Dresses

African Print Lace Dresses

With more African designers seeking to stand out and sell more, African print dresses with lace are increasingly becoming popular in the market. Lace has a way of bringing a sophisticated feel even in the plainest of fabrics. This is a secret that most African designers are taking advantage of especially in the recent past. Here are some of the best designs when it comes to African print lace mixes.

African Print Lace Dresses

1. Casual Mini Lace

This is an interesting mix of orange lace with blue African print fabric. The creation of the causal mini dress makes a perfect attire for summer. This dress works well for the young lady that loves to flaunt her figure. The lace detail breaks the African fabric and brings in a sophistication that would have otherwise been absent.

2. Official Lace Dress

This mixture of white lace with bold floral African print is proof that a creative designer can come up with a masterpiece. This dress works for the corporate woman that needs to stand out in a fashionable attire that is acceptable in career circles.

3. Cool Blue Lace Dress

Perfect attire for a function. Decent and stylish. Even though the color is uniform from top to bottom, the lace detail makes it unique.

4. Kitenge Laced Dress

This attire is especially perfect for the plus-sized woman that wants to attend a function in style. The lace makes the entire dress pop. Have your tailor-make the dress in such a way that your best features are emphasized.

5. Red Detailed Lace Dress

This dress is unique since the lace details are done in such a way that it appears as though different patches have been sewn together. This is what makes the dress appear mysterious and interesting. This is a unique African attire with lace for the woman that is bold enough to try something different.

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