African Office Wear Blouses

African Office Wear Blouses

In as much as the office wear skirt and top and the African official dresses have come of age, the upper attire to make the career woman chic-like is important. There are many ways a business or executive woman can rock the kitenge office wear designs.

African Office Wear Blouses

1. Peplum Office Wear Blouse

This peplum blouse is an option for a signature look that works well for women of all ages. In simple terms, the flared-out waist attachment is playful and adds an undeniable great taste to the outfit. The peplum can be symmetrical or even in the high-low design. Ordinarily, if the peplum office wears with African print worn with the lower garment, either a skirt or pants of a plain color, it can be of the high low designs. If not, the symmetrical peplum would be recommended although there are designs for the bold ladies that break this norm.

2. Patched Office Wear Blouse

In some cases, we have the desire to match up the outfit and be all flawless and beautiful. The patched office wear blouses are just the perfect way to be this stylish. Since the office wear skirt and top can be custom-made, the designer can make the skirt in African print but the blouse is patched with the same fabric as preferred. It offers that needed flexible feel from formal to informal environments and hence patched office wear blouses are popular.

3. Monotone Office Wear Blouse

There are blouses in a plain color but made to match up with the African skirt. For instance, a skirt of blue, red, and white floral motifs can be matched up with a monotone office wear blouse. Of course, the blouse is not just plainly another typical blouse but could be with modern designs like off-shoulder, long-sleeved, deep v-neck, etc.

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