12 Fashion Styles That Keeps Their Class In Vogue 1

12 Fashion Styles That Keeps Their Class In Vogue

Fashion is fickle, as it’s a trend subjected to spatiotemporal change. Nevertheless, we don’t have to necessarily change with its spontaneous shift. Often than not, there are some beautiful and trendy things we wore last year, but it might just be appalling and ridiculous to wear them a year after, simply because it’s no longer trendy. Despite the unfeeling and dynamics surround the fashion industry, there are still some styles that retain trend and stay caught on.
A piece of advice: If you wish to invest in a wardrobe that is impervious to the whirling wind of fashion change, you might just have to stock up on these timeless styles.
Camel Topcoats
There is indeed an evident reason why the camel topcoat has been able to remain unshakable to the changing taste of fashion. It simply works on everything and on everyone. As a color, camel topcoat might even be more versatile and even blends well with all colors than white. The name stems from its source, which used to be made from literal camel hair in the time past.
Levi 501 Jeans
12 Fashion Styles That Keeps Their Class In Vogue
These clothings are indestructible and endlessly versatile. They command beauty on anyone (any gender) adorned in it. These jeans have been in existence since practically the dawn of recorded history. With Levi Strauss selling his first pair in San Francisco in 1853, it is not far fetched to say the Levi 501, which is the company’s signature, is the most timeless pant in history.
White T-Shirt
There is really something to be said for a timeless white t-shirt. You likely have it sporting your favorite band, landscape, or your pick of beer. Frankly, everyone ought to have at least one interesting white t-shirt in their closet that can perfectly blend with any jeans or suits
Floral Prints
You might want to associate floral prints with spring skirts and summer shirts, but this timeless pattern is practically as beautiful as nature itself. Gorgeous on shirts, coats, and sneakers, fashion enthusiasts will always get fascinated with items adorned with flowers.
There is apparently a reason why blazer has been around for centuries. This is owed to the fact that everyone looks good in one, when it is properly tailored. A blazer tightens up the waist and broadens the shoulder, in turn giving a trimmer and taller frame.
Who doesn’t want that magnificence?
Three-Piece Suit
Suits have been a part of fashion, which are not going to sleep. The three-piece, complete with waistcoat is still in vogue till tomorrow. With the sheer number of options in the fashion markets, from Armani to Zegna, and much other designers on fashion’s rolodex, it is still trendy as always.
You would be wrong to think of turtleneck as a dead style worn only by art curators from last century. Turtlenecks are still strong wears pervasive in fashion today.


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Note: Ralph Lauren, age 81, the king of American wardrobes and the most effortlessly best guy in the room is still rocking the turtleneck very well.
Tweed fabric has been around since the 1930s, when a London merchant apparently misread the word “Tweel” on a label. It however, remains a popular material right until when Chanel made it a signature part of their fashion house.
“There is nothing quite as iconic as a classic Chanel tweed piece. If you’ve had the honor of wearing one, a jacket, a dress, a skirt, you know that its texture, its weight, and its very aura are the things magic is made of,” Elle explains.
A-Line Skirt
12 Fashion Styles That Keeps Their Class In Vogue 2
In 1955, Christian Dior, a French couture designer introduced to the world the A-line skirt as a part of his spring collection. The style which is often fitted at the waist and hips before getting increasingly wider towards the bottom can be worn as office wear, formal wear, and also as casual wear.
Cashmere Sweater
This in time past has inferred the height of luxury when worn, but while cashmere sweater could set you back quite a bit, there are more affordable blends that will give you the good look and the feel of cashmere.
White Button-Up
White button-up is obviously that one garment peculiar to all closets among men and women, young and old. With white button-up, you dress to the nines. It goes well with jeans or a pair of sweats. It goes all the way with anything in fashion.
Double-Breasted Jacket
The double-breasted jacket exudes gravitas, and this is the major reason why it’s still trendy today. To stay spectacular, dumb yours down a bit by pairing it with contrasting slacks and shirts in soft fabrics.

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