We spoke with CEO of D&D Clothing and Tailoring Dennis Osadebe who shared with us the latest news about company growth and explained the company vision for 2019. 
Brief information about CEO of D&D Clothing: 
Nigerian designer, movie maker and simply multi talented person with independent business vision. He started as a movie producer established company DCS entertainment NIG Ltd and won the popularity of Nigerian cinema very fast. After starting travelling all around the world, Mr. Osadebe founded several business in construction industry like DCS dorstil NIG Ltd. back to Africa, D&D travels and tourism – agency in Dubai, DCS Global General trading in Dubai and etc. to make his family feel proud of him. These business are successfully operating and bringing good profit till now. But ambitions were growing and soon Mr. Dennis Osadebe decided to turn his unique vision of fashion into reality and started his own fashion brand D&D Clothing and Tailoring with the main office in Dubai, UAE.
1. What inspired the birth of the D&D fashion brand?
Fashion industry was the only truly passion for Mr. Osadebe and that’s the main reason why among many businesses he choose D&D Clothing to be personally focused on. After successful runway in Africa, Europe and USA D&D Clothing became popular and recognizable in Africa and all over the world and talented Nigerian designer Dennis Osadebe decided to move on and open showrooms of his fashion brand in each country. The first point became Dubai, UAE as the most suitable place for luxury tailoring service as D&D Clothing and Tailoring.
2. Your brand is doing amazing work in pushing African fashion in Dubai but why did you decide to launch in the UAE?
I left Nigeria to come to Dubai to shoot movies, but I couldn’t afford it, so i used fashion to settled down myself in the city. After going around UAE I didn’t have that kind of money to invest. And being a fashionista I”ve chosen to create an african brand in UAE, because no one did that before. So I can use this opportunity to reach my brothers and sisters in Africa.
3. D&D Clothing is big on bold African pieces, how much thought and consciousness is put into this?
Nothing worth having comes easy. The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. So now I put 100% of myself in this business. Because I See the future in this business, I want all world to know about Africa.
4. How has the brand’s use of African prints been received in Dubai, seeing that the city is fast becoming the world’s biggest fashion market?
I strongly believe that D&D is more than a clothing line. It is a “movement” that gives each person possibilities to express himself wearing D&D Clothes. My clients in Dubai are very bored of common fashion that’s why they feel so special wearing custom made clothes with creative African touch. Working in Dubai and in the international fashion market I understood that I should translate D&D language to the worldwide market to show Nigerian inspired print fabrics, colors combination and modern fashion trends. Dubai – is the only beginning of D&D International Retail. You will hear about D&D Fashion in Milan, London, New York this year.
5. How will you describe the growth of Africa fashion globally?
African fashion is growing it’s obvious and I can say it’s already in fashion world’s map. You can see in any collections of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, we see African touch. Just look at all this
influenceable fashion houses – Animals, bright shouty print combinations, design by itself -all details are connected to Africa. Yearly more and more international runways are happening in Africa as well as African designers becoming world famous and bring their business outside of Africa. Of course I feel proud that African fashion has so big influence on world’s fashion trends.
6. In your opinion, what are the factors responsible for this growth?
With competitive labour costs, Africa has the potential to claim a much greater share of the world’s apparel and textile manufacturing output, but to achieve this, significant international investment is needed to build the industrial infrastructure required to compete with the likes of Asia. Now we can see as South Africa is growing being influenced by Nigeria, how Kenya is moving. I Already can see the great growth of Africa in the nearest future.
7. As a fashion brand, what major milestones have you hit in the international market, including runways and collections?
I can say that from 2019 year D&D is everywhere. In our strategic plan we have more than 18 countries to launch this year. I’m not sure if there is a brand who did this in one year. We know that any fashion house has 4 collections a year. We have 12 collections a year. Because each month our clients want to feel stylish, feel new, feel different. So for them to know the latest fashion trends we make runways all over the world, You are going to see us in France, in New York and other fashion cities.
8. What new projects will D&D Clothing be embarking on this new season?
As I already mentioned, 2019 – is a new era for D&D. Me and my team are so excited to realize all our plans and to make noise all around the world by arranging our own fashion shows and houses. We already signed all the necessary documents for our new office in Kenya – I’m not going to forget about Africa even being focused on international fashion market I’ll alway support and develop my native fashion culture. New season for D&D will be really wow!
9. As a Nigerian designer, how would you describe the influence of Nigerian fashion in African fashion globally?
Going back to history african – print textiles, which were actually inspired by batik or wax-resist cloth from Indonesia, have been used to dress the people of Central and West Africa from the 1800s to present day. From traditional attire to modernized African-inspired dashikis and dresses, the various print designs and range of colors of African textiles have had an influence on the fashion industry.
10. What are the challenges you have faced as an African designer in the international market and how are you combating them?
I love to be challenged and I was ready that to start from the begging in a new country will not be easy. When we started nobody knows us. But you have to keep pushing business to each African person and now we are proud to be receiving every day around 50 African customers in our showroom. Apart from that, of course we have European, Arabic people who like our products. And we are starting now our online shop as well. We are so proud to be shipping our clothes all around the world. Even the last custom made wedding dress we sent to Australia. Our brand has grown in terms of scale – working now all over the world with agents and distributors – and we are trying to grow, adding more categories like Accessories as well. But it is really important to stay true to our values and keep the same handwriting in every business.
11. With your experience in the international market, what are the lessons for the Nigerian Fashion Industry?
Africa is home to seven of the fastest growing economies in the world and about 70 percent of the continent’s population live in countries that have experienced average growth in excess of 4 percent over the past decade. Although the statistics are interesting, African fashion industry currently contributes only a small fraction. So to grow to the international level Nigerian fashion designers should bring their styles abroad – actively search for international representatives to tell the story of Africa. We alway should dream big and work hard to make our plans real – that is the only way to make your brand popular and successful.

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