Dubai as a global shopping destination for style – setters will become your gateway to the world’s top designers, chic boutiques, and must-have buys. That’s why D&D Clothing and tailoring has chosen Dubai to be a next fashion point on the way to worldwide D&D retail.
“Fashion is my passion” – said during one of the interviews the chairman of D&D Clothing Mr. Dennis Osadebe.
The most successful fashion brand in Dubai
Seeing D&D collections we can prove that it’s true as each D&D style is full of fashion. D&D is really unique brand because in every clothes Mr. Osadebe put a lot of affords to demonstrate fashion society how fashionable can be native African patterns on the finest textile from Japan, Italy and Egypt.
Being represented in Dubai Fashion market for more then 2 years Dennis Osadebe and his talented D&D team became recognized by majority fashion influencers and popular bloggers. All D&D collections are based on the latest fashion trends that’s why their clothes are so stylish.
The most successful fashion brand in Dubai
According to our research D&D Clothing brand covers 51% of UAE fashion market, 26% of Africa, 4% of USA as well as UK, France, China, Russia and Canada. Speaking about UAE only D&D has 2k monthly visitors in showroom and we are proud to have more than 35k web site visitors along with hundreds of new customers.
Nowadays fashion needs something new, something eye – catching and bright and D&D for sure will rock this season in Dubai with theirs brave and independent fashion innovations!
Be unique – choose D&D!
To make an appointment with our designers, just call us +971 54 306 17 65 (Whatsapp)

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