Since 2011, the number of online searches for the term ‘African Fashion’ has literally been on a non-stop upward growth curve signalling to anyone who’s been paying attention, that there is something going on here. In your day to day life, you may have noticed the recent resurgence of interest with regards to African Clothing and Fashion. Maybe you or a friend choose to wear a Dashiki every once in a while from D&D Clothing.
Whatever the case may be, the likelihood is you’ve noticed something; African Fashion is growing. 
African Clothing and Fashion by D&D Clothing
There are 10 key reasons why!
African Fashion has experienced this recent boom by D&D Clothing:
  1. More and more of the African Diaspora are returning home, starting fashion-focused businesses.
  2. Social media has enabled greater exposure of African clothing.
  3. The African Diaspora (especially millennials) are re-learning and re-engaging with their culture.
  4. Western fashion has started to incorporate African-inspired ideas.
  5. Celebrities have begun to embrace African fashion.
  6. Afro-beats has led to increased interest in all aspects of contemporary African culture.
  7. The rise of African Art has lead to an increased interest in these things too.
  8. African Fashion is worn more often by people in the Diaspora, leading to more recognition and appreciation.
  9. Increased political consciousness has lead ultimately to an interest in culture.
  10. The rise of African cinema (Nollywood in particular).

African Clothing and Fashion by D&D Clothing

Vivid colors, bold prints and regal aesthetics — African fashion is indeed a whole different category on its own. Their designs are bold yet timeless, and meek dressers might step away for how loud they physically look. Yet to many, it’s an expressive fashion style that codifies Afro-symbolism and a unique cultural context that designers from other regions can’t lay claim to.
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