What do You Know about African Fashion?

African fashion style is undoubtedly the best one to take inspiration from. The attractiveness of African fashion cannot leave anyone indifferent. African style is considered to be the most vivid and recognizable among other varieties of ethnic styles. Africa is an excellent source of inspiration for many fashion designers. This fantastic and mysterious land amazes […]

“We should dream big and work hard” – says CEO of D&D Clothing Dennis Osadebe.

We spoke with CEO of D&D Clothing and Tailoring Dennis Osadebe who shared with us the latest news about company growth and explained the company vision for 2019.  Brief information about CEO of D&D Clothing:  Nigerian designer, movie maker and simply multi talented person with independent business vision. He started as a movie producer established […]

Five Tips to Optimize Your Appearance for Business Success

When it comes to business and the various meetings, presentations and conferences that could make or break any startup, it’s very easy to get the impression that the validity of your idea is the only thing that matters. That is not true. In reality, even though the idea is the most crucial element, the appraisals […]

Easy Ways to Transform Your Scarf Into a Stylish Dress

WAY 1 WAY 2 WAY 3 WAY4 Once you are ready to create with D&D your style – just call or WhatsApp +971 54 306 17 65 to make an appointment with our designers. G-26, I-Rise Tower, Tecom, Dubai from 10 am to 9 pm Sunday – Thursday. http://www.instagram.com/danddclothingandtailoringllc


Fashion is about expressing your identity, showing someone who you are through your fashion choices and using your clothes to tell someone something about you. For D&D fashion is not just about comfort or utility but it’s about expressing yourself. Fashion is the armor to survive in the realities of everyday life. You can have […]

The most successful fashion brand in Dubai

Dubai as a global shopping destination for style – setters will become your gateway to the world’s top designers, chic boutiques, and must-have buys. That’s why D&D Clothing and tailoring has chosen Dubai to be a next fashion point on the way to worldwide D&D retail. “Fashion is my passion” – said during one of […]

Major Secrets To Styling An Ankara Outfit In Dubai Like A Pro

Styling an Ankara outfit in Dubai, UAE can be tricky for some while others have mastered the art of slaying in Ankara outfits. When you scroll through Instagram and come across IT girls and trendsetters styling the Ankara outfit, you instantly want to have such fashion superpowers. And it’s easy to be stylish in Dubai […]

Black Panther Suit & African Wedding Ideas

Are you looking for some info about the Black Panther Dashiki Outfit in D&D Clothing? Our guess is that you are a big fan of superhero movies, or just a fashion fanatic who wants to stay up-to date on the latest trends. Maybe you want to point out your wild personality on your wedding and […]

5 Must Have Summer Wardrobe Essentials For Every Stylish Girl

Summer, and its much-needed warmer weather is almost here and needs need a lot of preparation. Whether you are one who follows the latest fashion trends, or you are unsure where to begin with your personal style, there are a few fashion items that you need to own this summer. Always make sure you pick […]