Themed Individual or Family Photoday

This is what you were waiting for – Photoroom by D&D Clothing! Every person has the right to his perfect photo and the best day in her life. We ourselves cannot believe that we are creating such beauty! But, you know, we succeed.

Try a new look with fantastic dresses

A huge team of girls came up with how to spend an unforgettable photo day! Ideal dresses, make-up, styling and the best setups of the D&D Clothing Photoroom! Feel like a princess or Wonder Woman, Queen of the Night or any other herooooo.

Book your photoday with D&D

Spend an unforgettable few hours in our space, where everything will be just for you: dresses, styling and make-up, photographer, love, smiles, a lot of laugh and as a result – SUCH A beautiful photos.

D&D Photoroom Nairobi
D&D Photoshoot

Just choose a dress, date and enjoy!

We are ready to organize an individual photo session for you in the updated Photo Room by D&D Clothing! any day. The new setup by D&D – is 80 square meters of photo zones, aerial decorations and accessories for shooting, which we change every 2 weeks. You don’t need to think about anything – we’ve already organized everything for you!

D&D Certificate Photoroom

When? – On any day that convenient for you!

Where? -At our Photoroom, Fairview Business Park, Nairobi.

What is included in Photo Day? – 3 dresses and accessories, make-up and styling, 2 hours of shooting and after 2.5-3 weeks – you have 15 photos in retouching and all the good raw pictures.

Cost – 350$

You can clarify all information by WhatsApp 

D&D Photoroom