Dennis Osadebe | Owner of D&D Clothing

We had an interview with the owner of D&D Clothing company – Dennis Osadebe in his office. A lot of people asking him about the business, designs, the company itself, how he decided to open the business and how actually success comes, but he doesn’t give interviews too often. So today I was so lucky to pass by D&D Clothing.

When I entered to the office in Dubai, first that I’ve seen was an amazing wedding dress that was just in the middle of showroom. Maybe that is what makes the first impression for all customers. After I’ve seen lovely designers next me, they where from a different countries, and atmosphere seems like totally different from where any showrooms where I was before.

I was impressed that fabrics they produce by themselves, and each of it has a special story. For me, as an African woman, I was feeling like I need each of this fabric even if it’s 3 inches. It feels so spiritual. Now I understand why my friends are saying – When you wear D&D, you become a totally different person.

I found Mr.Dennis inside the showroom, in a production area where he was showing how to make some small details on the suit. He always looks so smart and sharp, that’s why there is no stylish people in Dubai who doesn’t know D&D Clothing and Dennis Osadebe himself.

I remember the time when D&D Clothing moved to a new office, how many interior designers were working on his place, and how strict he was about all finishing and how the place should look like.

And today its my first time being in the office and its my pleasure to take interview from Dennis Osadebe, #1 African designer all over UAE.

Team offered me a cup of tea (by the way a cup was branded as well) and I started my questioning for my audience.

Dennis Osadebe D&D
Dennis Osadebe
Dennis Osadebe
Dennis Osadebe

How did you discover the passion for fashion?

All my life I have been in the entertainment field I called my company DCS Entertainment Nig LtD , was shooting movies in West Africa, but my passion always was a designing and costuming my actors. From there I came to dubai to shoot movies, but it was too expensive. So I started creating some nice designs for people and signers. Step by step I created a brand with African touch, colorful and special, where you will not find it anywhere. Only in D&D.


Why D&D Clothing and Tailoring? What is the story of your brand’s name?

The Abbreviation of D&D is Dennis and David, Dennis is my name and David is the name of my first son.


What inspires you?

I always get inspired by great people, who are making a difference in Africa. I strongly believe in Africa and when I see that people are developing our continent – I’m becoming so proud. It gives me strength to move on.


Do you imagine what kind of way you passed? To become who you are today?

(smiling) You know, I was just thinking about it today morning. When you are checking the story from the very beginning, there were so many issues. Sometimes you just want to stop, and you are thinking are you sure you really need it? But when you are solving those issues and enjoying the result, it gives you a lot of joy. I love watching people wearing my designs.


You are a very talented designer. Your work is getting huge recognition worldwide and you have also been awarded in the past months. How does it feel to see your efforts and passion being recognized and appreciated?

As I said, I love when people likes our designs. I’m just inspiring my team to do a better job and there is no “NO” in our company’s policy. There is nothing impossible. The craziest design – we are always there to make it happen:)


I’ve hear a lot of rumors about your team, but all your staff says you are the best boss ever. Do you train them to talk like this?

Haha. We are like a family. Im very happy if they really think so, because only when you have a great team you can reach something. Sometimes we can sit till 2am just talking about events or our families, or if they need any advice they always come to me. And I appreciate it.


Any successful brand is sustained by team work. How you work on your team?

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” said Michael Jordan. In my team I have people from a different country. It helps to combine variety of ideas into 1 amazing great brand.


What is the ultimate goal of the brand D&D Clothing and Tailoring?

It’s very simple. We just want to be in each home and each heart of all people around the world:)


What are your favorite colors in your designs?

Of course African! African colors it’s not even a combination of a different color. It’s a feeling, it’s emotion! When you wear african dress you feel different. That’s what we want!


If someone would like to become a fashion designer, what would be your advice?

I would tell them – you suppose to start yesterday:) Trends are moving so fast and there is no time to waste. And welcome to my team!


What is the customer type for D&D Clothing and Tailoring?

It’s a person from 0-110 years with any body shape and any color type.


If someone would like to buy some of your designs, where can we find you?

We are in Dubai and Nairobi. Very soon we will be in more countries, but you can always reach us in our social media or website.


What is the biggest challenge you faced so far in your career?

It’s a team. To choose a good team it might takes years


What is more difficult – to design for women or for men, and why?

Designing it’s a very creative process, there is no difference between man or woman. But, women are always more picky and they can change their design 5times in 1 days:)


Whom from the Fashion industry is an ICON for you and you would like to follow his/her steps in Fashion?

I am my own ICON, Dennis Osadebe. We are the biggest competitors to ourselves. Everyday we are trying to be better than yesterday.


Those words were a great ending of our talk. It made me think what did I do today better than my yesterday? All of us should think about it, and we will be waiting for a next time with Dennis Osadebe.

What do You Know about African Fashion?

African fashion style is undoubtedly the best one to take inspiration from. The attractiveness of African fashion cannot leave anyone indifferent. African style is considered to be the most vivid and recognizable among other varieties of ethnic styles. Africa is an excellent source of inspiration for many fashion designers. This fantastic and mysterious land amazes the whole world with the bright multi – color traditional clothing.

Traditional natural materials such as cotton, silk, flax, as well as their different combinations, are used for sewing African fashion clothes for everyone. For more expressive outfits with variety of textures, artificial synthetic fabrics are used.

As you can see African Fashion nowadays is getting more and more popular all around the world and UAE is not an exception. Recently D&D Clothing and personally Dennis Osadebe got an invitation to participate in a famous Dubai TV Show. During the show beautiful and talented TV representer Sarah Benom were asking Mr. Osadebe about history of African culture in general and African fashion particularly. The first episode you can check here:

Being a famous Nigerian designer Mr. Osadebe shared a lot of secret tips about African fashion trends and Ms. Sarah Benom again invited D&D Clothing team to talk more about Africa during the second episode which is available here:

Do you want to know more about African fashion?
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5 Top African Fashions for Men

African fashion for men has come a long way. Today, we have a wide selection of amazing African clothing for men that are available in different designs, colors, styles, and fabrics. Most of the African fashions are designed to match specific events or functions. Whether you are attending a wedding, a burial or a birthday party, there is an African attire for you. Here are five main African Fashions for men.
1. Kente
One of the most celebrated African styles for men is Kente. It is seen as an image of the African-heritage all over the world. Usually, Kente is made from silk that originates from West Africa countries that include Ghana and Nigeria. This great African design dates back more than 400-years. Initially, it was a men fashion worn only by chiefs and kings. But today, it is one of the most recognized design all over the world. The balanced pattern, design, and colors of Kente have a specific meaning. Apart from making a particular statement, it can also symbolize cultural heritage, religious beliefs, creativity, and status.
2. Grand Boubou
Another popular African fashion for men is the Grand-Boubou. Grand-Boubou represents African masculinity. It is a 4-piece attire that also shows class and status. It is not a simple design, and can only be crafted by a skilled tailor.
The whole attire comprises of pants, a top, the outer garment and a hat. The fashion originates from Gambia and Ghana, but it is now popular in almost every continent.
3. Dashikis
Today, if you search for Dashikis online, you will find numerous designs and styles for men, women, and children. However, dashiki shirts are the most popular and are made from silk, lace or cotton fabrics. Dashikis come with several embroidery patterns that are mostly found along the neckline and the chest. They also come in different patterns and designs. Even though dashiki fashion is very common in African countries, this African fashion has become a popular style for men across the world.
4. Brocade suits
A Brocade suit is not as popular as Dashikis but is a great African fashion for men. Normally, they come with gold trappings making them unique and very attractive. Most brocade suits are made from cotton fabric to symbolize the African roots. Also, they have become more stylish due to the detailed needlework throughout the fabric.
5. Yoruba
Yoruba is an African fashion that is so common in Nigeria and other West Africa countries. It is a traditional African attire with different styles and designs. In some countries, it is called Agbada or Baringa or Buda. It is also a four-piece attire that comprises of a hat, embroidered pants, a flowing-Agbada or Buda, and a long-sleeved shirt. It is mostly worn by high profile personality in Africa such as the President, ministers, chief and African tycoons.
African fashion for men is generally described by bright colors, dazzling shapes, unique patterns and bold designs. Also, they come with several accessories such as caps, shoes, hats, head-wraps, and many other accessories.
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How to Wear a Cape-Blazer to Every Event This Season?

    Scrolling through Instagram, it seems like everyone is wearing their jackets and blazers draped gently and elegantly over their shoulders. And most of the time, it’s easy to wonder how they manage to keep it that way —Does it defy the laws of slippage? How is it staying up? What happens if you have to raise (or, you know, move) an arm?—but the look is to die for, so it makes sense that everyone is trying to make that off-the-shoulder-drape work.
Thankfully, a solution exists: the cape-blazer.
We saw the cape-blazer—a style that manages to stay in place without restricting your arm motion—on the national stage courtesy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the 2019 State of the Union, and now, this current trend can make its way into your wardrobe. While we’re still deciding if it’s a cape-blazer, or a jacket-cape, or a blape, or a jape, or a modified poncho— here are some of great options to into your wardrobe.
1. Wear It To Work
Yep, it’s the same one Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez made famous—she rocked Zara at the State of the Union, and you can keep things professional in this cape-style jacket with pronounced shoulders.
2. Wear It To Your Wedding
If you’re looking to keep it casual yet chic at your courthouse wedding or rehearsal dinner, this versatile cape-blazer is perfect for you. Wear it over a dress, or pair it with a pair of slacks and a fitted top, and you’ll be wedding-ready and fashionable on your big day. 
3. Wear It To Date Night
This cape-blazer comes in a big, bold print, and is sexy enough to keep the attention on you all night long. It can be dressed up for dinner and drinks, or even better, paired with a pair of slouchy pants and a chic flat for movie night. (The cape definitely can double as a blanket.)
4. Wear It To Brunch
Part superhero, part 9 to 5. Roll up to brunch in this double-breasted cape-jacket with wide lapels, and blow them all away with how chic you look. Eggs Benedict won’t have anything on this tailored cape-blazer.
5. Wear It To A Summer Barbecue
It’s bright yellow, and you’ll steal the show at every summer shindig. Pair this cape-blazer with shorts and a tank or a breezy day dress, and you’ve got the perfect Saturday afternoon look. 
6. Wear It To A Spring Party
Going to an Easter bash, or a Memorial Day celebration? This cape-blazer can go effortlessly from day-to-night. It’s longer than the others featured on this list, and its hook-and-eye feature means the eye is drawn to the waistline—pair this one with a floral crop top and a pair of jeans, and you’re perfectly springtime casual.
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“We should dream big and work hard” – says CEO of D&D Clothing Dennis Osadebe.

We spoke with CEO of D&D Clothing and Tailoring Dennis Osadebe who shared with us the latest news about company growth and explained the company vision for 2019. 
Brief information about CEO of D&D Clothing: 
Nigerian designer, movie maker and simply multi talented person with independent business vision. He started as a movie producer established company DCS entertainment NIG Ltd and won the popularity of Nigerian cinema very fast. After starting travelling all around the world, Mr. Osadebe founded several business in construction industry like DCS dorstil NIG Ltd. back to Africa, D&D travels and tourism – agency in Dubai, DCS Global General trading in Dubai and etc. to make his family feel proud of him. These business are successfully operating and bringing good profit till now. But ambitions were growing and soon Mr. Dennis Osadebe decided to turn his unique vision of fashion into reality and started his own fashion brand D&D Clothing and Tailoring with the main office in Dubai, UAE.
1. What inspired the birth of the D&D fashion brand?
Fashion industry was the only truly passion for Mr. Osadebe and that’s the main reason why among many businesses he choose D&D Clothing to be personally focused on. After successful runway in Africa, Europe and USA D&D Clothing became popular and recognizable in Africa and all over the world and talented Nigerian designer Dennis Osadebe decided to move on and open showrooms of his fashion brand in each country. The first point became Dubai, UAE as the most suitable place for luxury tailoring service as D&D Clothing and Tailoring.
2. Your brand is doing amazing work in pushing African fashion in Dubai but why did you decide to launch in the UAE?
I left Nigeria to come to Dubai to shoot movies, but I couldn’t afford it, so i used fashion to settled down myself in the city. After going around UAE I didn’t have that kind of money to invest. And being a fashionista I”ve chosen to create an african brand in UAE, because no one did that before. So I can use this opportunity to reach my brothers and sisters in Africa.
3. D&D Clothing is big on bold African pieces, how much thought and consciousness is put into this?
Nothing worth having comes easy. The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. So now I put 100% of myself in this business. Because I See the future in this business, I want all world to know about Africa.
4. How has the brand’s use of African prints been received in Dubai, seeing that the city is fast becoming the world’s biggest fashion market?
I strongly believe that D&D is more than a clothing line. It is a “movement” that gives each person possibilities to express himself wearing D&D Clothes. My clients in Dubai are very bored of common fashion that’s why they feel so special wearing custom made clothes with creative African touch. Working in Dubai and in the international fashion market I understood that I should translate D&D language to the worldwide market to show Nigerian inspired print fabrics, colors combination and modern fashion trends. Dubai – is the only beginning of D&D International Retail. You will hear about D&D Fashion in Milan, London, New York this year.
5. How will you describe the growth of Africa fashion globally?
African fashion is growing it’s obvious and I can say it’s already in fashion world’s map. You can see in any collections of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, we see African touch. Just look at all this
influenceable fashion houses – Animals, bright shouty print combinations, design by itself -all details are connected to Africa. Yearly more and more international runways are happening in Africa as well as African designers becoming world famous and bring their business outside of Africa. Of course I feel proud that African fashion has so big influence on world’s fashion trends.
6. In your opinion, what are the factors responsible for this growth?
With competitive labour costs, Africa has the potential to claim a much greater share of the world’s apparel and textile manufacturing output, but to achieve this, significant international investment is needed to build the industrial infrastructure required to compete with the likes of Asia. Now we can see as South Africa is growing being influenced by Nigeria, how Kenya is moving. I Already can see the great growth of Africa in the nearest future.
7. As a fashion brand, what major milestones have you hit in the international market, including runways and collections?
I can say that from 2019 year D&D is everywhere. In our strategic plan we have more than 18 countries to launch this year. I’m not sure if there is a brand who did this in one year. We know that any fashion house has 4 collections a year. We have 12 collections a year. Because each month our clients want to feel stylish, feel new, feel different. So for them to know the latest fashion trends we make runways all over the world, You are going to see us in France, in New York and other fashion cities.
8. What new projects will D&D Clothing be embarking on this new season?
As I already mentioned, 2019 – is a new era for D&D. Me and my team are so excited to realize all our plans and to make noise all around the world by arranging our own fashion shows and houses. We already signed all the necessary documents for our new office in Kenya – I’m not going to forget about Africa even being focused on international fashion market I’ll alway support and develop my native fashion culture. New season for D&D will be really wow!
9. As a Nigerian designer, how would you describe the influence of Nigerian fashion in African fashion globally?
Going back to history african – print textiles, which were actually inspired by batik or wax-resist cloth from Indonesia, have been used to dress the people of Central and West Africa from the 1800s to present day. From traditional attire to modernized African-inspired dashikis and dresses, the various print designs and range of colors of African textiles have had an influence on the fashion industry.
10. What are the challenges you have faced as an African designer in the international market and how are you combating them?
I love to be challenged and I was ready that to start from the begging in a new country will not be easy. When we started nobody knows us. But you have to keep pushing business to each African person and now we are proud to be receiving every day around 50 African customers in our showroom. Apart from that, of course we have European, Arabic people who like our products. And we are starting now our online shop as well. We are so proud to be shipping our clothes all around the world. Even the last custom made wedding dress we sent to Australia. Our brand has grown in terms of scale – working now all over the world with agents and distributors – and we are trying to grow, adding more categories like Accessories as well. But it is really important to stay true to our values and keep the same handwriting in every business.
11. With your experience in the international market, what are the lessons for the Nigerian Fashion Industry?
Africa is home to seven of the fastest growing economies in the world and about 70 percent of the continent’s population live in countries that have experienced average growth in excess of 4 percent over the past decade. Although the statistics are interesting, African fashion industry currently contributes only a small fraction. So to grow to the international level Nigerian fashion designers should bring their styles abroad – actively search for international representatives to tell the story of Africa. We alway should dream big and work hard to make our plans real – that is the only way to make your brand popular and successful.

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Five Tips to Optimize Your Appearance for Business Success

When it comes to business and the various meetings, presentations and conferences that could make or break any startup, it’s very easy to get the impression that the validity of your idea is the only thing that matters. That is not true.
In reality, even though the idea is the most crucial element, the appraisals that potential business partners or investors make of you as a person are also essential. These opinions, often formed within minutes or even seconds, are normal parts of human interactions, whether the person conducting them is aware or not. Clothing is one of the first things people take into consideration when they meet you for the first time. If you do it right, it can raise your reputation and make it more likely that people will respond positively to you but if not, it’ll have the exact opposite effect.
Here are five tips to make sure you nail the perfect outfit every time it matters:
1. Plan ahead
As with virtually every other area of human activity, planning your outfits well ahead of time will save you time as well as prevent many avoidable mishaps. Of course, it might be impossible to be completely sure where work will take you in the course of a week, but you can use the information you have to prepare your clothing properly and also arrange them into outfits for each day. You don’t necessarily have to physically put each outfit together ahead of time, but even taking a few minutes to mentally picture the ensemble you intend to wear through the week can save you a surprising amount of time when you don’t have to compare options on a morning when you’re about to miss the bus to work. It’ll also reduce the likelihood of any fashion faux pa occurring as a result of haste.
2. Do your research
Understanding what’s appropriate in your industry is crucial so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb at one event or another. If you’re moving to a new area or a new company, simply ask someone to give you the rundown. No matter how awkward you might feel, it will be better than how you’d feel on your first day, walking around in slacks and a t-shirt while everyone else is wearing a sports jacket. Pay attention to the nuances of time and place, so you’ll know what to wear to specific events. This research is especially important when you’re going to be meeting with new people. Do your best to find out what the dress culture is where you’ll be meeting them and adapt to it.
3. Make sure you’re comfortable
Staying comfortable throughout the day is key if you want to make sure your productivity remains at a good level. When buying clothes, be sure that apart from being fashionable, they are also things that you would be comfortable wearing through the day. There is nothing as distracting and annoying than someone who is constantly adjusting an item of clothing, and you definitely do not want to be that person when you’re having an important meeting or presentation. One simple way you can increase your comfort levels drastically is simply by making sure that your clothes fit the way they ought to. Buying off the rack is not necessarily a bad thing, but make sure you find yourself a tailor who can adjust what you buy to fit your physique perfectly.
4. Never be underdressed
If you think that being too dressed-up when going for an evening outing with your friends is bad, consider the alternative- that you’re dressed in a casual outfit and have to suddenly meet with an important client. In business circles, it’s better to err on the side of formality. The worst that could happen is that people think you’re a bit too serious. Depending on your industry, that might not be the best reputation, but it’s still better than being thought of as a slouch.
5. Mind the details
The little things that are off about someone’s outfit are often the things we remember them by. Whether it’s a button that’s popped off or scuffed shoes, those details can become distract to the attention of your boss or client and give them the impression (often subconsciously) that you don’t have your life together. Pay particular attention to your accessories. They are supposed to compliment your outfit and not overpower it so be certain that you’re not putting on anything that’s too bogus. One common mistake is wearing glasses that don’t fit well and just cannot stay on your face properly. Having to constantly adjust your glasses to prevent them from sliding down your nose is not the best way to make a good impression. Noise is also an important factor with accessories: Don’t put on anything that’ll make jangling sounds as you move. That just distracts and annoys people around you.
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Fashion is about expressing your identity, showing someone who you are through your fashion choices and using your clothes to tell someone something about you. For D&D fashion is not just about comfort or utility but it’s about expressing yourself. Fashion is the armor to survive in the realities of everyday life. You can have anything you want if you dress for it. They call it class but here at D&D Clothing and Tailoring we call it beauty from within. It’s an everyday feeling; our style makes it a mindset.

Let’s talk about how we integrate all fashions from African to Western Fashions. Our designs suit any climate, any season and any occasion. It’s not a tradition for us, it’s a lifestyle. Inner beauty brought out by fashion. We make you wear what you want to feel. In fashion industry it’s important to be aware of the importance of fashion and to be knowledgeable about where we the inspiration of our clothes begins

In with the new, out with the old. A new fashion trend has come to life. The world is dynamic so we make it happen for you here at D&D Clothing and Tailoring. Moving with speed and efficiency. Fashion is all about the ability to spot and develop trends. To leave no stone unturned. Marketing segmentation, targeting every clientele is the way to go. We have all solutions for all your fashion problems. We do it for you while you take a good rest. Life made easy.
If you believe in fashion as D&D it’s time for you to visit our showroom and feel beauty from within.
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The most successful fashion brand in Dubai

Dubai as a global shopping destination for style – setters will become your gateway to the world’s top designers, chic boutiques, and must-have buys. That’s why D&D Clothing and tailoring has chosen Dubai to be a next fashion point on the way to worldwide D&D retail.
“Fashion is my passion” – said during one of the interviews the chairman of D&D Clothing Mr. Dennis Osadebe.
Seeing D&D collections we can prove that it’s true as each D&D style is full of fashion. D&D is really unique brand because in every clothes Mr. Osadebe put a lot of affords to demonstrate fashion society how fashionable can be native African patterns on the finest textile from Japan, Italy and Egypt.
Being represented in Dubai Fashion market for more then 2 years Dennis Osadebe and his talented D&D team became recognized by majority fashion influencers and popular bloggers. All D&D collections are based on the latest fashion trends that’s why their clothes are so stylish.
According to our research D&D Clothing brand covers 51% of UAE fashion market, 26% of Africa, 4% of USA as well as UK, France, China, Russia and Canada. Speaking about UAE only D&D has 2k monthly visitors in showroom and we are proud to have more than 35k web site visitors along with hundreds of new customers.
Nowadays fashion needs something new, something eye – catching and bright and D&D for sure will rock this season in Dubai with theirs brave and independent fashion innovations!
Be unique – choose D&D!
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African Clothing and Fashion by D&D Clothing

Since 2011, the number of online searches for the term ‘African Fashion’ has literally been on a non-stop upward growth curve signalling to anyone who’s been paying attention, that there is something going on here. In your day to day life, you may have noticed the recent resurgence of interest with regards to African Clothing and Fashion. Maybe you or a friend choose to wear a Dashiki every once in a while from D&D Clothing.
Whatever the case may be, the likelihood is you’ve noticed something; African Fashion is growing. 
There are 10 key reasons why!
African Fashion has experienced this recent boom by D&D Clothing:
  1. More and more of the African Diaspora are returning home, starting fashion-focused businesses.
  2. Social media has enabled greater exposure of African clothing.
  3. The African Diaspora (especially millennials) are re-learning and re-engaging with their culture.
  4. Western fashion has started to incorporate African-inspired ideas.
  5. Celebrities have begun to embrace African fashion.
  6. Afro-beats has led to increased interest in all aspects of contemporary African culture.
  7. The rise of African Art has lead to an increased interest in these things too.
  8. African Fashion is worn more often by people in the Diaspora, leading to more recognition and appreciation.
  9. Increased political consciousness has lead ultimately to an interest in culture.
  10. The rise of African cinema (Nollywood in particular).

Vivid colors, bold prints and regal aesthetics — African fashion is indeed a whole different category on its own. Their designs are bold yet timeless, and meek dressers might step away for how loud they physically look. Yet to many, it’s an expressive fashion style that codifies Afro-symbolism and a unique cultural context that designers from other regions can’t lay claim to.
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