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Know your body type and measurements.

Many men purchase shirts in small, medium, or large sizes, so it's no surprise that they don't fit well. Since men's bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, don't be surprised if traditional sizes don't suit you properly; it's not your fault. That said, it's a good idea to go into a store with a general idea of your body type and measurements, such as neck and arm length, as well as chest and waist sizes.

Fabrics are used to make clothes (which one works best for you)

Depending on your personal style and even the time of year, the type of fabric you choose for your shirts can and will change. For example, in the middle of summer, you won't want to wear a heavier textile shirt like twill; instead, you'll want a lighter, smoother fabric like poplin or pinpoint.

D&D Clothing produces a variety of gents shirt in Zambia or men shirts in Lusaka Zambia in a variety of styles. You'll go over every aspect of the outfit with us to make sure it's exactly what you're looking for. We will assist you in choosing a model and fabric for your type based on our many years of experience working with customers.

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