Trendy Kaba Styles

Trendy Kaba Styles

This is probably one of the most common West African styles for women. It is a top known as the kaba which is worn with a special bottom skirt known as the slit. The following are examples of this style in use.

Trendy Kaba Styles

1. Kaba Style For Wedding

Women get to showcase their best kaba styles at weddings and traditional functions. This modern green kaba and slit is a unique twist from what would be expected. It brings in it a modern touch. This makes it easy even for the younger woman to wear. The long slit makes it decent enough for any society whereas the top brings in the stylish aspect quite well.

2. Kente Kaba With Slit

Excellent color combinations make this kaba and slit style stand out. If you are a lover of bright colors then this style will be most pleasant.

3. Kaba And Slit With Headgear

This style is perfect for the woman that loves to accessorize with headgears. If you are looking for an easy way to make a statement then this is it. The headgears will add a perfect touch to your long flowing gown.

4. Mixed Print Kaba And Slit

This unique less and satin kaba and slit is ideal for the woman that wants to take breathes away. It’s perfect for an evening dinner party or a date with someone you respect. It is a representation of elegance at its best. A very respectful attire as well that would work well for any body size.

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