Trendy Traditional Fashion Style In Egypt

Trendy Traditional Fashion Style In Egypt

Culture, heritage, popular ancient civilization, and above all, the Pyramids, are enough to keep the name Egypt in everyone’s ears globally. Most of the world-famous fashion weeks like Milan, London, Paris and others are also inspired by Ancient Egyptian styles in many ways.

Geographically, Egypt is located in the extended Sahara Desert, and its fashion trends are ruled by the factor of comfortability. Clothes in featherweight fabrics, modest colors, patterns which go perfectly along with it and whatever may be the fashion trend, Egyptians always prefer comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the arid climate.

 Trendy Traditional Fashion Style In Egypt

Velvet Abaya

Glowing velvet abayas in vibrant color shades are in fashion this year. Velvet abayas are elegant and capture the attention of others for more than just a minute. This elegant look doesn’t require you to spend too much either, hence you can glow in a velvet abaya at a low cost.

Shining Satin Skirts

Satin is so light, you often feel like you are wearing nothing at all. This is important, particularly in summer when we want to feel the sun without getting too hot.

Skirts in satin fabric didn’t take too long to be a favorite for fashion hunters in this year. Loose cotton shirts, lace tops, or blazer jackets along with countless color-shaded satin skirts stitched in unique ways is a perfect style and look.



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Mixed Print Patterns

Single prints in single colors have been common for many years. Now is the moment to shine in mixed-print patterns in dissimilar colors and on various fabrics. Own this look to show your attitude with a strong step in fashion

Tie And Dye Dresses

Tie and dye creates abstract patterns and tie and dye in shirts, tops, hijabs, and many other pieces of clothing have started selling out across stories this year. Tie and dyes ensure you stand out with a unique and abstract pattern that shines at all times of the day.


Traditional fashion style in Egypt is at its best, thereby churning creativity from top African fashion designers. But it is important to ensure the prices of these trendy styles are pocket-friendly to ensure a high level of patronage.

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