Trendy Traditional Fashion Style In Congo

Trendy Traditional Fashion Style In Congo

Congo is a Central African country reputed for her beautiful, bold, and colorful fabrics. Congolese fashion is defined by a semblance of African beauty when it comes to fashion styles. However, while the Congolese the Western tune, they do not neglect their local fabrics and outfits.

Trendy traditional wears

In the nation's capital of Brazzavile, trendy fashion is the definition of their lifestyle. The streets are filled with glistening colorful fabrics that paint the whole place with life. Coming to Congo means that you would see a mixture of modern and traditional outfits. Talking about outfits, the traditional Liputa keeps you spellbound with the numerous designs that the locals use the fabric to produce. Everyone in different fashionable styles wears Liputa. The women make use of it to complement their creativity. Many of them complete their outfit with a headscarf crafted from their Liputa.

The fabrics are more often than not found at the local market. People also often design ‘Liputa’ for different purposes, tailored sometimes for certain audiences, for example paying tribute to a leader, marking a special occasion, or at a sporting event.

Congolese styles are not designed for the Western trends, they are designed to stand out in their striking print and vibrant hues to portray their culture boldly. Liputa is not often be seen in the local markets. You can wear the fabric for many purposes, which are aimed at a specific audience. In Congo, the more colorful you appear, the more respect you receive from people. That means Liputa is not designed to look average. The locals love it because of its beautiful designs and colors. If you want to make fashion sense in Congo, come with your colorful and beautiful Liputa.

Looking good is a good business in Congo and the Congolese don't tarry in this regard. They have never been in the background when it comes to expressing themselves in culture and tradition. With their Liputa, they have gotten the respect they want in their traditional outfits.




The good thing about African fabrics is that most of them look alike. It could be confusing for a foreigner to differentiate between an Ankara and Liputa fabric. While these fabrics might look similar, they have their differences. You do not have to be a Congolese before dorning in the Liputa. You can easily take your fashion sense to the next level with this amazing fabric. 

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