Trendy Senator Men's Fashion Style

Trendy Senator Men's Fashion Style

The Senator native style is still already taking the center stage of fashion for African men as a replacement for their regular traditional dress. But what is there not to love? It is classy, convenient, and versatile. It is the perfect positioning outfit any man can easily throw on. As the saying goes, “How you dress is how you would be addressed”.

senators men fashion

The Senator Men’s wear can either be in a long-sleeved or short-sleeved form with quite a variety of colors to choose from as well as well-tailored designs to suggest to your tailor. It can be worn with classy-looking slides, sandals, or shoes. It all depends on how dressy the occasion is.

Senator suits have got the men fashion world-rocking which, if we think of it, is quite astonishing. In the past, it could be said that men were not so keen on native attires unlike their “other halves” but now, the men are not slacking with the ingenious styles and designs they are coming up with these days. One of such styles that have rocked, and still gaining fast popularity in the men's fashion world is the senator suit and hardly can you find a man in Africa, especially in Nigeria who hasn’t got one.

Almost on a regular, senator styles for men keep evolving. Usually, these styles used to be a simple plain colored shirt and matching trouser attire but now, one can match a white senator shirt with black trousers. There are also more daring stylistic native wears, showing a great deal of variety in style, fabrics, and designs.


Senator Long Sleeve Shirt Style

One thing about the senator attire for men is, although they are made usually from simple and in most cases avoidable fabric, it remains classy, elegant, and smart wear. The sleeve for this style should not be too tight to give adequate allowance to the hands, neither should it be too loose so the actual style wouldn’t be lost. The sleeves, completely to the wrists, are usually cuffed and can be worn with a pocket square to achieve a less formal look.


Senator Short Sleeve Shirt Style

The senator shirt no doubt is peculiar and the most important, therefore, it must take a level of creativity to capture.  For it is from this shirt the style emerges. Many intelligent and creative designs are carved and cut to give it its and classy vibe. The short-sleeve shirt can be tight fitted at the upper arm and chest area, accentuating the biceps and giving it a muscular look or they can come in loose forms (around the arms and chest area) depending on individual choices. The shirts are longer than other native attires and the bottom a bit wider than normal with slits at both sides. They can come in a variety of colors too.  You can’t help but be all in love with these creative pieces.


Colorful Senator Style

Initially, senator styles for men were made with simple, plain colored materials of different shades. Colors such as red, white, brown, black, grey, blue, wine, and the rest. Gone are the days when men feared to experiment with for fear of maybe being termed childish or not masculine.

With senator wears, men are not scared to play with colors which of course is a good thing.  We now see senator wears come in mixed colors, skillfully cut and artistically aligned to create beautiful color patterns. Your tailor should be able to cut out and mix colored fabrics to give it a  look. Note that only the shirts should bear these colors while the trousers remain plain


Long Tailed Senator Shirt Senator Style

Aside from the popular wide-bottomed senator styles with openings at both sides, the bottom tail is also well known and worn by men especially for those going for a more ceremonial look. This style can come in various designs and colors with a bottom tail that extends to the knee at the back.  They are usually worn at weddings, thanksgivings and other important functions.


Embroidered Senator Style

Well-crafted needlework can transform even the simplest and cheapest of fabric. Initially, senator suits were made plain. If there were any embroidery at all it was very little but these days, at every function or ceremony you see men rocking bolder embellishments, some even go as far as incorporating other materials to give them the astonishing look, the most popular being the chain that runs from the neck through to the chest. A well-skilled tailor should know how to match an embroidery with the perfect fabric color.




The senator's fashion style is today a raving dressing style in major west Africa with its multi-faceted styles and designs, it is important to blend this new African dress with contemporary African clothing to have a fusion of wholesome African beautiful fashion. 

To get the best styles, work with a highly skilled and creative fashion designer who would be able to interpret your creative designs on the fabric. Then get a well-balanced hat, nice shoes, or sleek sandals that perfectly sums up the look.

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