Stockholm Fashion Week Unveils Plans Ahead Of Summer Show1

Stockholm Fashion Week Unveils Plans Ahead Of Summer Show

Stockholm Fashion Week has unveiled plans for its upcoming physical-digital hybrid show scheduled to hold between August 31 and September 2.

 Brands attending the event this summer include Stand Studio, BLK DNM, Diemonde, Asket, Abomé, ATP Atelier, Charlott Vasberg, Filippa Agaton, House of Dagmar, Ida Sjöstedt, Iggy Jeans, and Rave Review. 

Stockholm Fashion Week Unveils Plans Ahead Of Summer Show

Brands are expected to participate through a mix of live and pre-recorded fashion shows, as well as digital films, exhibitions, installations, and performances. Also, there will be several ‘Studio Visits’, where attendees can meet with the designers in their own creative spaces.

 The fashion week is planned to have a touch-point on five key disciplines, beginning with ‘Fashion Future’, a half-day conference on fashion, sustainability, technology, and innovation. Most of the events will be broadcasted digitally but presented at a live event in the Swedish capital.

 Like previous editions, sustainability will be the major focus at this summer’s fashion week, with a selection of circular brands participating in a “Sustainable Fashion Hub” in the center of Stockholm. Those brands include Arkivet, Gemme Collective, It’s Re:Leased, Popswap, ReRobe, and Remake. 

 Stockholm Fashion Week Unveils Plans Ahead Of Summer Show

 The event is also expected to put on the spotlight of emerging fashion talents through its ‘Swedish Fashion Talents’ section and will showcase the graduation collections of final year students from Beckman’s College of Design and the Swedish School of Textiles.



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 “Fashion week has had to adapt, just like the industry and the entire world, change and open up to better fulfil current needs,” said Stockholm Fashion Week organizer Catarina Midby in a release.

“I believe that it is particularly important to encourage creativity and the magic of fashion right now when we all finally come out of lockdown. Basic and season-less is great, but we are all eager to dress up again and to meet, digitally or better still - in real life.”




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