Kitenge Church Dress For Ladies

Kitenge Church Dress For Ladies

Kitenge is an East African cotton fabric printed in versatile shades and designs. Popularly worn by women, the fabric has become part of lifestyle of African women. However, wearing Kitenge to church is just as fascinating as it could be imagined. The tapestry of the dress is a beauty to behold as modesty and decency set in when worn to an “holy” gathering like church service.
To look simple, yet classy in the dress, below are stKitenge Church Dress For Ladies1yling tips to be adhered to in wearing the Kitenge to church:
1. Do make sure to wear single color shoes, this is because the Kitenge is a printed fabric, such that, wearing multi-colored shoes would ruin the look.
2. Be simple with donning yourself with accessories. This is owed to the fact that Kitenge has broader and large prints, hence, wearing heavy piece of jewelry might give an awful appearance.
3. Rock your dress with nice footwear and bags to better complement the awesomeness of the look.
Casual Kitenge Top
This is just a simple way of dressing to church. This is dressing in a tee with blue or black jeans. Its elegance is second to none. Also, the top is to be in the Kitenge floral print in a short sleeve and ideal length style. You can accessorize your look with bold statement ornaments, and you are done.
Long Flowy Kitenge Dress
When the cravings for the appearance of feminism or princess sets in, going in this long flowy dresses, like maxi gowns or skirts won’t be a bad idea. This can be worn to church with light piece of jewelry.
Kitenge Church Dress For Ladies3
Bold Colored Kitenge Dress
Basically, Kitenge is all about dark colors and energetic prints. Dressing in all red or yellow designs really look fabulous.
Kitenge Jumpsuit
The best idea behind wearing a jumpsuit is to allude comfort in an occasion where you can go with entirely one print without looking over outlandish. Therefore, wearing Kitenge jumpsuits with nude footwear is a thumbs up to get ready for church.


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Kitenge Church Dress For Ladies4
Kitenge With Jeans
Finding oneself styling up with ripped blue jeans is not apparently easy. Perhaps, this thing might come up in your mind like come on, just have to wear a Kitenge top over it. But No, accessorizing yourself with it is not an easy task. To church, a ripped jeans can go well with Kitenge tops and white sneakers.
Kitenge With Fishtail Style
Fishtail skirt or shirts or even gowns are the mainstream styles in Africa, especially Nigeria that are worn by many ladies. This Kitenge dress style should definitely in one’s closet because the cuts done in this dress style are not that simple, but they do one thing that they up bring the whole outlook of an individual. It exudes gravitas for ladies wearing the dress.
Kitenge Skirt With Top
Getting ready for church, a black top, kitenge skirt, red shoes, and silver jewelry can just be so awe-inspiring.

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