African Print Long Dress Styles

African Print Long Dress Styles

The African print fashion is delightful to the eye and brings pleasure to the heart. The ladies’ closet has over the years been revamped by varied styles and designs of the African print dresses styles that are worthwhile having a look at. There is a wide range of long dresses with African print that have enticing quirky features that make you stand out from the rest. Long dresses could take the form of long ball designs, mermaid body con styles, long veiled gowns, or even straight African print dresses.

There is a large selection of long African print dresses with appealing unique elements that help you stand out from the crowd. Long gowns could be long ball gowns, mermaid body con styles, long veiled gowns, or even straight African print gowns.

1. Long Ball Dress Design

These designs are the common maxi dresses as we call them. They are free-flowing from the waist downwards with a range of designs on the upper part of the dress. They are graceful and beautiful to be in and make to be one of the latest African engagement dresses of all time. Additionally, it is one style one can never go wrong with and similarly fall under the category of African print evening dresses.

2. Mermaid Body-Con Styles

These styles are common for ceremonial functions. It has an elaborate length and sweeps the floor. It brings out the best of features in a woman since it flatters the curves. However, this dress is for women who have an hourglass figure since they are figure hanging but it’s one of the latest African print dress styles.

3. Long Veiled Gown

If you have keenly observed the latest African wear in Ghana during events such as parties, weddings, customary functions, religious functions, and what have you. They closely resemble the mermaid design though they are not necessarily body con but rather are free-flowing. They are common on runways.

4. Straight African Print Dress

These dresses are cut according to one's body size with a loose-fitting but skillfully made. They may extend up to the ankle-length or slightly above it but just like other dresses for ladies, it is pleasant and womanly. One of the very decent and easy-to-wear dresses with African print.

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