African Swimsuits for Women

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      3 items

      Swimwear with the African touch

      We have a lot of sides to our personalities from classic to fun. D&D Clothing has a collection of fun and wicked African swimming costumes that would be perfect for your chilled-out moments. Whether you are walking for a fashion week or in your own pool, our ladies’ swimwear can be a cool haute couture.


      Having one specific style is no fun and we should always try and experiment with new styles. The collection of swimming costumes defines our finest work of African bold prints and colors. If you are looking for some cool and niche one-piece swimsuits, check out our online store for a great selection.

      Your Modelling Stage

      We don’t always have one specific style to define ourselves. Versatility is our middle name when we design chic and fun swimming costumes for every woman out there. From trippy and bold African prints of white Dashikis and animal designs, our ladies’ swimwear is going to be the best thing at your next pool party. Check out african bodysuit.

      Our craftspeople have masterfully curated some of the best-designed swimsuits for women to make them look like they are walking on a ramp. While you would be busy chilling out in your home pool, our African print swimsuit costumes would be making you muse for some unique photographs. Check out african women sets.

      Honest and Cool

      We make sure to always keep a level of honesty in our African swimsuits for women to stem them apart from others. Wearing a color and carrying it off with style is something we invest heavily in while crafting swimming costumes. Check out african ladies jacket.

      Our sole aim is to empower all women out thereby letting them feel free in any one-piece swimsuit they wear. Being daring and confident is quite synonymous with pursuing a fashionable life. Our two-piece swimsuits contain everything from the latest African fashion trends that have the power to destroy any conceptions.