African Women Skirts

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      7 items

      Challenging the Notions

      Inspired by fusing traditional techniques of African culture and constructing contemporary details in a wide range of African print high waist skirts, D&D Clothing designs aim to challenge the notions revolving around African skirts. We aim to design these skirts with a focus on creating a strong sense of identities and self-expression among our customers by narrating them through African print skirts, African wrap skirts as the symbols of communication.

      Beyond the Physical Beauty

      Our line of African skirts defines that inner beauty goes way beyond physical beauty with a pristine and polished act of class. Infused with bright colors, patterns, and shapes, our African print skirts come with a flair for feminine silhouettes that make you look sophisticated.

      Simple and Aesthetic

      Our designs of African print pencil skirts give you an ultracool and urban chic look and oozes an aura of photogenic fashion styles. Combining some of the finest fabrics, our Ankara skirts, African Lapa skirts, and Kitenge skirts would always make you look on point. Our styles combine luxury and comfort in the most profound way. Match it with african print handbag

      Embodiment of Strength

      D&D Clothing is all about providing you with African skirts that are affordable and stylish in fashion and embody strength. If you are looking for something that’s edgy and comfortable, these Ankara skirts might just be your best bet. Our fashion line of African long skirts carries aesthetics and complexity, and yet gives you a collection that looks like it's ripped from a fashion magazine! Check out african print jumpsuit

      Consistent and Versatile

      The fabrics in our African skirts and dresses are full of elegance that look extremely feminine and mature when you don them. We bring attire, tradition, culture, and contemporary fashion together in such a way that it creates something unique like Ankara pencil skirts and Kitenge skirts. We understand that behind the fashionista you want to be, there is a simple woman who just wants to live a normal life. Buy online african women kimono