African Print Shorts

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      African Print Short

      African men are without hesitation making their imprints in the fashion world. They are stepping up their game in this area, by trying to look their best. 

      The idea is to effortlessly achieve that irresistible, suave and masculine look. They, therefore, go for fabrics and styles that will express their tastes. These fabrics are Ankara, Kente, etc. Designers have learned to make creative and lovely styles with these African print shorts. And unlike the female folk who make beautiful whole outfits with these exotic fabrics, men are embracing the African print shorts men's set because it makes them feel comfortable and simple. The nice thing about African print shorts is that, though they can be worn on formal occasions, when paired with appropriate tops, men can also wear them when hanging out with friends and families, at amusement parks, picnics, or even while relaxing at home. You can match the designs with african ankara tie
      African print short sets are today in high demand and come in different varieties which can be determined by the length and in most cases, the way they are designed, including if they can be worn with a belt or not and also the choice of having pockets. Check out latest african designs
      If you are not wearing a matching African print top with your shorts, go for tops with plain colors to give your look a harmonious contrast.

      The length of your Ankara shorts should be around your knees. Anything much shorter makes it look like underwear and anything longer gives a clumsy look. As well, you can match it with african women trousers.

      Here are some cues to be taken from when rocking an African print short:

      1. Your African print shorts for guys should not be too tight or too baggy. It should be smart but with enough allowance for ease of movement.
      2. African print shorts can be paired with a variety of footwear, such as palm slippers, sandals, shoes, half-shoes, loafers, high heels, and sneakers.
      3. When pairing the African print shorts with sneakers, it is advisable to pair your shorts with Polo shirts or T-shirts.

      African fashion is always at its best when it comes to creativity, but it is also important to consider your body shape before going for a short to earn admiration and not disgust.