African Plus Size Clothing

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      356 items

      Discover stylish African designs for plus-size women. We create a special design, to highlight your shapes and hide what no one should see. Plus size African dresses of all designs, plus size suits for women, plus size African attire with dashiki and Ankara. 

      D&D Clothing has its own production of Plus Size African clothing where we make sure that every African plus size dress is made from high-quality fabrics with very quality stitches. We have different styles of African dresses for plus-size ladies, which are made not only from dashiki and Ankara but as well from our own fabrics that we print with an African touch. Check online your styles of African attire plus size clothing, plus size Ankara dresses, African print plus size clothing.

      Plus sizes for African clothing is a discourse that resonates with African prints with beauty and comfort. Most especially for the women, there is a great reservation for dresses of the special basic size.
      Broadly, plus sizes can be described concerning two African prints: Ankara and Kitenge.

      Plus Size Ankara Styles

      It is one thing to choose the latest Ankara style and it’s another thing to come to the real term if the style will suit the body type or not. To forestall looking awful as a plus-size woman, it is imperative to go for the Ankara styles that are meant for ladies with big tummies. Naturally, women with plus size can be factored from eating habits, fats, and maternity. As the Ankara fabric is beautiful in its versatility, African mall plus size women can wear it to the office, weddings, and other social functions.

      1. Blouson. These Ankara styles for plus-size ladies are garments drawn tight at the waist which blouses out and hangs over the waistband. The result is always a draped, flowing silhouette like a blouse with a tucked waistline. Oftentimes, these blouson styles can be in the form of a dress or Ankara jumpsuit. The styles usually help to define the waistline while draping over the woman’s figure. Also, they do give a slimming effect. That is, the woman looks slimmer when the style is being worn.

      2. Ankara Layers. Layering clothing such as jackets and kimonos made with this fabric play a good role in keeping plus-size women adorable. Interestingly, the latest Ankara styles for plus-size ladies can be regarded as multipurpose. They are suitable for cold weather conditions and for days when you feel like covering up what you’re wearing inside. Also, layers do give you an illusion of a straight body. Thus, distracting eyes from superfluous curves.

      3. Peplum. With the Ankara style, a peplum can be added to the skirt, top, or dress. Peplum is an over-the-skirt dress that is attached to another garment around the waist area to help minimize the waist and highlight the hips.
      In other words, this style helps to conceal the belly fat of plus-size ladies and can also be dub as Ankara office wear and other formal occasions.

      4. Flare Skirts. Flare skirts look good on plus size women irrespective of the top it is paired with. This is because they are flared and this already makes a statement in Ankara fabric.

      5. Ankara Long Dress. This is mostly worn by plus-size women to hide their figures. The woman can either go for loose-fitting ones or add features such as peplum to the tight-fitting ones, it is all about choice.
      Primarily, Ankara maxi gowns, African maxi dresses plus size are attention-grabbing, hence, donning one helps to keep extraneous features of the body on the low.

      6. Loose Tops. Although these Ankara styles for plus-size ladies are simple, they are stylish. Details like drapes, ruches, or an attractive neckline can be added to the loose top to look fabulous.

      7. Wrap Dress. With this style having a front closure that is being created by wrapping one side across the other, it is a perfect style for plus-size ladies. Furthermore, it is very much comfortable and makes a good option for flattering curves.

      8. Shift Dress. Usually, these types of dresses for women don’t have an explicitly defined waistline. They just drape well on the body without hiding the figure. Highly suitable for plus-size ladies, they are usually short or at mid-thigh length. It is good to go in this style for informal occasions.


      Plus Size Kitenge Dresses

      Originating from East Africa and originally known as Chitenge, Kitenge fabric is often used by African women for different purposes or occasions. Recently, in the era of designs versatility being an integral part of the fashion world, this fabric and its bold clean prints have become widely popular everywhere.
      These prints show a unique and ebullient aspect of a woman without compromising on feminism.
      For plus-size women, Kitenge can be a great choice for an everyday dress with the best of styles to recreate for outfits as they are bold and brings much comfy when worn for events that have a sneak-peek into cultural sensations.

       Beautiful Kitenge Styles For Plus Size Women. Check out african swimsuit

      There is always a best-fit style for every plus-size individual, so it is important to put into consideration the body shape before going for a dressing style.