Trendy Aso Oke Styles For Brides

Trendy Aso Oke Styles For Brides

Traditional fabrics are a core aspect of Nigerian culture. For decades, Nigerians have donned attires made with these fabrics to weddings, funerals, festivals, and other events. They can be worn to any event (as long as there is no dress code), however, they are most commonly worn to wedding ceremonies. It is not out of place to say that Nigerian wedding ceremonies are particularly colorful because of the variety of traditional fabrics rocked by the couple and their guests. These fabrics include Ankara, Adire, Lace, Brocade, and the evergreen Aso Oke.

 Trendy Aso Oke Styles For Brides

Aso Oke has been the backbone of traditional wedding fashion in Nigeria for centuries. Over the years, it has been constantly refined to suit modern-day fashion trends. This special hand-woven fabric can be used to make men's gowns commonly referred to as agbada as well as hats. It is also used to make women's wrappers, called iro and head tie, also known as gele


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Fishtail Aso Oke Skirt With Material Top

This outfit is simple with minimal details, it is perfect for your wedding, introduction, naming ceremony, or even for your birthday photoshoot. You can pair this gorgeous outfit with low-heeled slippers or sandals. The fishtail detail of the skirt ensures that the outfit is not constricting and gives space for movement.


Aso Oke Gown With Crisscross Back Detail

This lovely outfit shows the symbol of beauty in simplicity. The crisscross back detail of the dress makes it a little, this means a corset must be sewn into the dress to eradicate the need for a bra. You can replicate this dress as shown in the picture or you can ditch the sleeves and replicate this outfit as a tube gown.


Skirt And Blouse Aso Oke

If you are the kind of person that likes being simple and classy, then this outfit is specially designed for you. The simplicity of this dress makes it one of my personal favorites. Due to the absence of any embellishments on this outfit, you can go big on your accessories; just make sure your choice of accessories will not clash with your skin tone.


Off Shoulder Aso Oke Gown

This dress is the suitable definition of beauty meets class because it is simple, classy, and gorgeous. The minimal detail of the dress is what endeared it to my heart. You can pair this gown with local beads and studded heels.




Aso Oke has been a huge part of Yoruba culture and Nigerian wedding fashion for as long as any living Nigerian could remember. Despite modern and contemporary fashion raves, Aso-Oke has remained resilient, continually cementing its place as a timeless, highly fashionable fabric that never goes out of style.

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