Traditional Wedding Styles In Benin Republic

Traditional Wedding Styles In Benin Republic

Benin Republic is a country that reflects the true beauty of the African nature and culture. Culture and tradition are obviously inseparable in the daily lives of  the people of the country, as they are guarantors of identity of a rapidly developing country which has inevitably suffered direct consequences, like modernity and westernization in cities. Nevertheless, the intrigue of Beninese can be seen in their urban and rural settlements.
Fashion style is apparently one of the many ways to behold the fascination of culture in Benin Republic, which is deeply traditional before the influence of modern style of dressing.
To the Beninese, their traditional dress is a prime example of the historic brilliance of Africa. It truly represents the indigenous colors and stunning black customs. Tourists, who pay a visit to this wonderful country of Africa, fascinate themselves by participating in the folk and conventional festivities where the Beninese performers dress up the colorful traditional costumes.
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Notwithstanding, a preponderance of Beninese population always give a semblance to their tradition by donning themselves in their traditional dresses at weddings and other grand occasions. Historically, the ancient excavations in Benin Republic and other West African countries suggest that the ancient clothing in this region was based upon the indigenous fibers like raffia, bast, and cotton. The textile fragments used until the medieval times were normally densely woven in plain weave. Although, the formal outfits were also adorned with openwork embroideries etc.
The common outfits worn at Beninese traditional weddings do include “Bomba” dresses, which are designed as tunics and trousers for men and a loincloth and a top for women. However, large number of people living at the coastal parts of the country embraces the wearing of the colorful African pagnes embellished with beautiful patterns and admirable artwork. Matching headscarves are also an essential part of their traditional dresses.
Muslim Beninese women are always seen covering their body for at traditional weddings with three-piece clothes. One piece of cloth is used as a wrapper around the waist, one around the chest, and one covers the head. Using of veil and scarf is also common in the Muslim women in Benin.
For the Beninese men, during their traditional weddings, they always rock that day in a loose, long, boubou-style cotton shirts over pants. Formally, the embroidered boubou is also becoming a popular fashion statement for men and women in the francophone country. This dress is prepared with a lot of skilled toils and it comes with an exorbitant price.


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Most recently, the Beninese designers have been introducing creative fusions between traditional and modern dressing. The fabric mostly comprises of traditional cloth for making the shirts, pants, and even other types of outer-garments.
Furthermore, the West African dashiki style has not gone to sleep already as this is still very much in vogue as an adorable outfit for traditional weddings in Benin Republic. This is a colorful men’s garment covering the top half of the body. It is composed of both formal and informal versions with varying fashion appetite from simple draped clothing to fully tailored suits. Most grooms wear white dashiki suits during wedding ceremonies. They look more graceful when they wear the lace dashiki suit with a bowler hat.

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