Short African Skirts

Short African Skirts

African prints are characterized by unique modifications into different styles and designs. Today, African prints, like Ankara and Kente have been incorporated into the corporate sense of fashion in the continent, especially among women.

Not all African women are lovers of long African skirts. If you love to keep your skirts and dresses shorts then there is an option for the office for you too. Check out the following pencil skirt variations.

Short skirt


1. Beautiful Kente Pencil Skirt

This Kente pencil skirt would be perfect for you. Pair it with a plain white or yellow top and your favorite high heels and you are good to go. Since you are a lover of short skirts, make sure that your tailor makes a skirt that will be above the knees.

2. Multi-Colored Pencil Skirt

This is another perfect short pencil skirt for the working-class woman. Choose colors that will make you stand out. You can wear this to the office especially on days that you do not have to move around so much.

3. Perfect Green Ankara Print Skirt

If you are a woman that loves to keep things simple then this green pencil skirt will be perfect. Wear it with a simple brown sleeveless top and you are good to go. You will look sophisticated the moment you walk into your office building simply because you kept it simple and chic. This is an idea that every working-class African woman should try every once in a while.

4. Colorful Yellow Ankara Print

This is an excellent short pencil skirt for the office. You should consider wearing it with a peplum plain top preferably white or black. This is a look of class and style. Keep the accessories minimal and make sure you pick perfect heels to complete the look.

5. Slay In Pencil Skirt

Your office hour does not have to be a dull one. What you wear goes a long way in ensuring that you remain a subject of discussion in a good way.

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