Short African Prom Dresses

Short African Prom Dresses

Over time, prom dresses have been believed to be long, body-hugging designs. However, the current wave of African fashion and natural ladies trend has led to a rise of stunning African fashion that is taking the fashion runways by a wave. Prom gets better with beautifully designed short African prom dresses with bright colors that immediately announce the mood of the night.

  Short African Prom Dresses

  1. Tight Fitting Dashiki Dress

Dashiki was previously a long tunic African wear from West Africa. Over time and with the revolutionary fashion scenes, it has completely changed its meaning. Dashiki is identified by its print that is unique and can’t be missed in any dashiki outfit. It is African patterns that are designed to form complex designs inside an oval-like frame.

Figure-hugging dashiki dresses worn with high boots or high heels create a very fancy look suitable for a prom night. Stand out in your prom by breaking the long prom dress code and darning a short, revealing dashiki dress. It gets even better if you have the body for it.


  1. Short African Dresses With Ankle Length Kimonos

Worn to display politeness and good manners, the arrival of the bold kimono was very well received. Traditionally worn as a Japanese garment, designers have done commendable work on this long robe giving us some of the fanciest designs the world has ever seen. If you still believe your prom dress should be long, then the kimono design sorts you out. No need to ditch those pretty short African dresses you have grown so fond of! Just put on your tight-fitting dress and wear a matching kimono on top.


  1. Short Dashiki Skater Dress

When thinking of plus-size African short dresses, think of short dashiki skater dresses. The ceremonial dashiki garment is very diverse. Its print can also be well designed to form a short skater dress. A skater dress fits firmly on the upper body and spreads out after the waist, forming a skirt-like appearance hence the name. It always is a knee-high design. The lower part can be plaited or just straight, depending on the preference of the wearer. This is as long as the dashiki print is well and set out on the front, back, and sometimes the side of the dress.

A skater dress is an elegant choice that screams your presence once you walk into a room. All you need to do to find your perfect dress is check the internet to decide on the color and come up with your unique design from the millions available and you are good to shine on your prom night.


  1. Ankara Short Skirt Dress

African wedding dresses can’t be discussed without a mention of this elegant design. The Ankara short skirt dress is not only popular for its beautiful fabric, but the skirt part also gives a chance to match with the theme color of the wedding, as a neutral material can be used. At the end of the day, you don’t look all colorful but you are sassy and dressed in the color of the day in your way.

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