Ellesse Facilitates Design Program For  Budding Designers

Ellesse Facilitates Design Program For Budding Designers

Popular sportswear brand Ellesse has launched a new global design programme to showcase three emerging designers in the fashion industry. 

Ellesse tailors will provide a platform for three designers selected from the UK, Germany and France to create an exclusive capsule collection for the sportswear brand with a focus on sustainability. 

 The three emerging designers taking part are London-based designer Kemi Gadebo, who was a model, actress and singer before having a foray into fashion, alongside Berlin-based Nomin Zezegmaa, who recently graduated from her fine art studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, and Gregory Assad from Paris, a graduate from Institute Francais de la Mode. 

 Ellesse Facilitates Design Program For  Budding Designers1

 Each of the designers are expected to create an 8 to 10 capsule collection as part of the incubator, using a variety of upcycled vintage and deadstock from Ellesse that “brings to life their personal experiences of the fashion industry and their inspiration and approach to design and sustainability”. 

The initiative is also geared at revering Ellesse’s founder Leonardo Servadio and his tailoring background. 

 Simon Breckon, global brand director at Ellesse, said in a statement: “Leonardo was the first to introduce a tailored look to tennis and ski wear in the 1960s. He was a pioneer that believed talent should always prevail, regardless of background or social following. 


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 “The idea behind ‘ellesse Tailors’ is to give new fashion designers, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, the chance to express themselves by reimagining the brand’s tailoring heritage by introducing their own refreshing spin on the brand’s iconic fashion sportswear style.” 

 Throughout the process, each of the three designers will have the opportunity to “speak freely on their personal experiences within the industry,” whilst also showcasing their talent through a global stage, explained the sportswear brand. 

 The designers will showcase their final designs and capsule collection to a panel of industry insiders who will decide on the winner. The winning line will be commercialized and made directly available to the Ellesse consumer in spring/summer 2022.




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